The Applied Biosystems Card Processing Automation 200 (CPA200) is a semi-automated puncher designed to process human blood or saliva DNA samples, collected on filter paper or cards, in forensic and paternity laboratories.

The CPA200 instrument combines ease of use with full-sample traceability and integrity to help improve downstream results in low- and medium-throughput laboratories.

CPA200 installation is performed by highly trained field service engineers. At the time of installation, customers will receive a one-day complimentary training. The CPA200 is covered by a 12-month warranty from installation. After the warranty expires, customers can choose to purchase a service plan from Thermo Fisher Scientific to help maximize instrument performance and reduce down time.

Instrument features

The instrument offers:

  • High punching accuracy to help ensure the disk is delivered in the correct well, and to minimize cross-contamination issues
  • Flexibility to process a variety of card shapes and dimensions
  • Traceability of samples through barcode reading and camera control
  • Integration into laboratory standard operating procedures (SOPs) and laboratory information management systems (LIMS) with customizable, exportable files and reports


Punching accuracy
punching accuracy
  • Camera control of each well prior to and after punching
  • Ionizer to remove static charge
  • Vacuum system to remove debris from punching  tool
  • Cleaning punch functionality
  • Laser targeting system to help the user select the best area for punching

System flexibility
system flexibility
  • Designed for framed and unframed cards
  • Customizable number of cleaning strikes
  • Reprocessing of cards already punched
  • Option to add extra punches in wells already processed

Full traceability
Full traceabitity
  • Plate and card barcode reading
  • Real-time updates on plate status
  • Exportable reports and files of completed plates
  • Compatibility with Applied Biosystems 3130 and Genetic Analyzers
  • Integration with laboratory network
Specifications and features

Supported card formats

All card formats are supported.

Possibility to reprocess already-punched cards.

Supported sample types

Saliva and blood samples on both indicating and non-indicating cards, including Whatman FTA Cards and Bode Buccal DNA Collectors.

Supported plate types

All plate types with the exception of deep-well plates. Plate holder customization may be required. Maximum capacity: 2 plates (192 cards).

Available punch sizes

The CPA200 instrument has these standard punch configurations:

1.2 mm*

2.0 mm

3.0 mm

4.0 mm

Sample punching position

Framed cards: the user selects the punching position using the external laser pointer. The system will record the coordinates and punch automatically in the selected position.

All other cards: The user selects the punching position using the internal laser pointer aiming at the punching site.

Cleaning procedure

Optimized protocol using framed NUCLEIC-CARD matrix with cleaning area: first cleaning punch performed automatically, with the possibility to repeat cleaning in the same area, using the external laser pointer.

All other cards: cleaning procedure can be performed using a cleaning card or on a blank area of the processing card using either the external or internal laser pointer. Customizable number of cleaning punches.

Camera features and imaging

Model: IDS Direct XS. Resolution: 2,592 (H) x 1,944 (V).

Sample presence control: automatic comparison between the well picture before punching (well normally empty) and well picture after punching (well normally full) to confirm presence of punched disk(s).

Image storage: All acquired images are saved into a dedicated directory accessible by the user.

Physical dimensions

610 x 545 x 675 mm (L x W x H); weight: 85 kg

Hardware and software

Model ASEM HT2000-TF/S1: LCD TFT 10.4” 4:3, 10.4” touchscreen, Intel Atom dual core D2550 1.86 GHz, 1 GB RAM.

Linux Ubuntu operating system.

Peripherals: 10.4” touch screen, keyboard, mouse, USB (2). Ability to connect keyboard with the language and layout chosen by the user.

Exportable files

The instrument can be integrated into LIMS systems for import and export of files. The instrument can export files in .txt format suitable for 3130 and 3500 Genetic Analyzers and can export reports as PDF files.

Main power requirements

400 W (peak) electrical power; 208–240 VAC main supply voltage; 50/60 Hz frequency. Integration with voltage transformer for 100–120 VAC main supply voltage.

Overvoltage category


Pollution degree


For Research, Forensic, or Paternity Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.