Flexible and robust performance for industrial and medical imaging applications

X-ray sources are essential in many testing, imaging, and inspecting applications, offering the short wavelengths and high energies needed to penetrate items ranging from bones to batteries. X-ray sources are price competitive relative to alternative technologies and unlike radioisotopes can be powered on and off at will, minimizing safety concerns. Choose an x-ray source with the power, magnification, and resolution required to maximize the benefits of this safe, non-destructive, easy-to-use, reliable technology in the laboratory, in healthcare settings, or on-line.

All our X-ray sources incorporate sealed glass vacuum tubes to deliver robust, continuous operation over extended uptimes. Multiple electrodes are used to shape an electron beam in order to generate X-rays with a small focal spot size suitable for high geometric magnification and high-resolution applications. Beryllium windows deliver durability and exceptional X-ray transparency. X-ray sources vary with respect to maximum voltage, maximum power, spot size, spot shape, geometric magnification, and cone of illumination. Identifying the parameters that will deliver the performance required over the field of view of interest for any specific sample type is a unique optimization challenge. Take a closer look at our portfolio and talk to us about the best choice for your application.

The power, resolution, and performance to fulfill a variety of applications

Batteries In Line

Reliably detect the smallest defects, at speed, to consistently meet demanding specifications

In battery manufacture, problems such as mis-aligned components, particulate contamination, and weld defects can compromise battery performance, making reliable and timely detection essential. X-ray sources are used routinely to meet this goal both at-line and in-line inspection.

Our X-ray sources are applied as a critical component in automated at-line X-ray inspection systems which enable rigorous quality control (QC) by producing 3D images of individual batteries squickly – under a minute per battery – for statistically significant sampling of the production flow. Sources can also be incorporated directly into a manufacturing line, with multiple sources often used to measure in different orientations, to monitor 100% of the production flow supporting responsive process control and efficient corrective action.

Thermo Scientific X-ray sources for battery applications offer:

  • Power and resolution, providing robust inspection for both partly assembled and complete batteries.
  • High stability and a small spot size, delivering excellent image resolution at production line speed.
  • Reliable long-term performance.

They help manufacturers to make batteries of the highest quality while simultaneously cutting waste and maximizing throughput.

Choose between the Thermo Scientific PXS10 X-Ray Source and the Thermo Scientific PXS15 X-Ray Source depending on your specific battery inspection requirements.

Circuit Board Closeup

Inspect increasingly complex designs with confidence for rigorous and reliable QC

As PCBAs and other electronic components become smaller and more intricate, effective automated inspection becomes essential. Manual inspection is neither reliable nor scalable when it comes to rapidly scanning layered assemblies for issues with hidden components, internal structure, and connecting tracks. Automated detection enables non-destructive testing, robustly picking up issues such as solder defects - voids and bridges - and pinhole fills. A single high-performance system can tackle an array of assembly designs, providing the flexibility needed for modern production schedules. Our sources produce the X-rays needed for system operation.

Thermo Scientific X-ray sources for PCBA and electronic component inspection offer:

  • Excellent magnification, enabling the inspection of multiple objects with a single exposure for high throughput QC.
  • High flux for the reliable inspection of multi-layered components with short exposure times.
  • Cost efficiency, with alternative options available to meet specific inspection requirements.

They allow manufacturers to implement effective, high-volume inspection at accessible cost to safeguard the highest levels of quality.

Choose between the Thermo Scientific PXS5 X-Ray Source and the Thermo Scientific PXS15 X-Ray Source depending on your specific inspection requirements.

X-ray Arm

Safely gather 3D images at high resolution for earlier, more effective diagnosis

In medical imaging, better performance equates to earlier disease detection with non-invasive procedures, but safety is critical. X-ray sources enable advanced techniques such as tomosynthesis, which gathers images at different angles to construct a 3D picture of breast tissue. By delivering clinically relevant images of superior quality, such techniques enable the earlier detection of problematic cell clusters while at the same time minimizing requirements for biopsies and subjecting patients to minimal X-ray exposure.

Thermo Scientific X-ray sources for medical imaging offer:

  • Low energy to minimize the risk of cell disruption and safeguard patient health.
  • A focal spot size closely aligned with the cell cluster size of interest, for robust and reliable detection.
  • Sufficiently high resolution to maximize the information delivered by each scan.

They allow healthcare professionals to reliably detect small but problematic cell clusters for early and effective intervention.

Choose the Thermo Scientific PXS11 X-ray Source, the lowest energy source in our portfolio, for safe and effective medical imaging.

Choose the best X-ray source for your application:

PXS5 Microfocus X-ray

PXS5 Microfocus X-ray Sources

Thermo Scientific PXS5 Microfocus X-Ray Sources offer a high resolution, limited power solution for cost-effective, non-destructive testing. They perform with the highest resolution at limited energy and power, which make them a go-to for economical solutions in manual and automated NDT. Example applications include imaging of printed circuit boards, semi-conductor devices, discrete components, chip counters, lab animal fluoroscopy, and dental prosthetics quality control.

PXS10 Microfocus X-ray

PXS10 Microfocus X-ray Sources

Thermo Scientific PXS10 Microfocus X-Ray Sources are our flagship product, a powerful integrated solution for the rapid inspection of complex and multilayered products. They have a digital interface and a rugged design for long-term operation in exacting environments. Particularly suitable for lithium-ion battery manufacture, the PXS10 X-ray Source enables the measurement and inspection of even dense EV battery cells.

PXS11 Microfocus X-ray

PSX11 Microfocus X-ray Source

Thermo Scientific PXS11 Microfocus X-Ray Source is an affordable, low energy solution for applications that are less demanding with respect to resolution, such as medical imaging. The source is compact and durable with an analog interface and offers ease of installation and operation as well as long-term reliability for intermittent use applications.

PXS15 Microfocus X-ray

PXS15 Microfocus X-ray Sources

Thermo Scientific PXS15 Microfocus X-Ray Sources are a robust mid-range voltage solution widely used for imaging and inspection tasks in the production environment. Combining aspects of the PXS5 and PXS10 Sources, the PXS15 Source combines a digital interface and a rugged design and often represents a cost-effective solution for battery inspection, for EVs cells and the smaller, simpler lithium cells used to power smart devices.

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