Multi-modal techniques

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Historically, if an analysis required information about the chemical and structural qualities of a material, sequential measurements would be necessary; one measurement for chemical data and another for structural data. However, this sequential data failed to show the true correlation among these qualities, providing poor conclusions and results.

Multi-modal techniques allow the user to see how changes in one material quality affect other material qualities, thereby eliminating the guesswork that comes from sequential measurements. Explore how multi-modal techniques can replace sequential measurements with these webinars, application notes and product information.

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Multi-modal technique resources

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TechniqueAsset TypeAsset Title
FTIR, Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA)Application NoteDoing the Dirty Work: Combined TGA-IR and Transmission Studies of Soil
FTIR, Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA)Application NoteComplete Materials Deformulation Using TGA-IR
FTIR, Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA)Application NoteTGA-IR Analysis Using the OMNIC Mercury TGA
FTIR, Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA)Specification SheetTGA-IR Module for Nicolet FTIR Spectrometers
FTIR, RamanPoster NoteComplementary Use of Raman and FTIR Imaging for the Analysis of Multi-Layer Polymer Composites
FTIR, RamanWebinarRheometry & FTIR Spectroscopy: Benefits & Applications in Polymer Research
FTIR, RamanWebinarPeeling Back the Layers – Characterizing Multi-layer Structures using FTIR and Raman Microscopy
FTIR, RheologyApplication NoteDetailed Analysis of Curing Reactions of Polyurethane Resins Using the Rheonaut technology for Simultaneous Rheometry and FTIR
FTIR, RheologyApplication NoteInvestigating heat-induced gelation of whey protein using simultaneous rheology and FTIR spectroscopy
FTIR, RheologyWebinarRheo-Kinetic Study of Thermoplastic Polyurethanes Using in-situ Rheo-FTIR
Raman, RheologySpecification SheetHAAKE MARS Rheo-Raman System
RamanSpecification SheetDXR3 Flex Raman Spectrometer
Raman, RheologyApplication NoteRheology-Raman Spectroscopy: Tracking Polymer Crystallization with the Combination of a Rheometer and a Raman Microscope
Raman, RheologyApplication NoteRheology-Raman Spectroscopy: Tracking Emulsion Stability with the Combination of a Rheometer and a Raman Microscope
Raman, RheologyApplication NoteSimultaneous Rheology and Raman Spectroscopy During the Melting and Recrystallization of Polypropylene
Raman, RheologyPoster NoteRheology-Raman Spectroscopy: Tracking Molecular Structures as a Function of Deformation and Temperature
Raman, RheologySpecification SheetHAAKE MARS XR RheoRaman System
Raman, RheologyWebinarBenefits of Combining Rheometry with Raman Spectroscopy for Materials Science
Raman, RheologyWebinarThe Rheo-Raman Microscope: Simultaneous Measures of Soft Materials
Raman, RheologyApplication noteTracking Crystallization of EVA/Acetaminophen Mixtures with Rheo-Raman Analysis
Raman, RheologyApplication noteRheology-Raman spectroscopy during the melting and recrystallization of polypropylene
Raman, XPSPoster NoteUsing Raman and XPS in the Development of Graphene-based Materials
SEM, EDSWebinarFeature Sizing - Sparse Particle-Inclusion Analysis
SEM, TEMWebinarIntroduction to DualBeam FIB-SEM for S/TEM Sample Preparation
XPS, UPSWebinarEnhance XPS Surface Analysis Capabilities with UV Photoelectron Spectroscopy