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Strengthen your bioprocessing skills, evaluate the latest industry technology and take advantage of knowledge-sharing sessions with industry experts. Examine ways to accelerate timelines, optimize systems and equipment, and implement technologies to maximize yield. Our bioprocessing webinar series has been designed with the intention of helping you achieve your project goals.

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Cell culture Using Peptones to Achieve Diverse and Demanding Bioproduction Goals Peptones have been successfully used in bioproduction applications for more than 30 years. This webinar demonstrates the benefits of peptones and how they can be used to enhance process performance and consistently yield a high-quality product. On demand
Cell culture Impact of Media and Supplements on Monoclonal Antibody Quality Attributes This webinar demonstrates the critical role of media and supplements in influencing protein quality attributes and leveraging these learnings to achieve the desired protein quality. On demand
Cell culture Real-time Bioprocess Monitoring of Mammalian Cell Cultures by Magnetic Sector Gas Analysis MS Hear from Patrick Floris of the National Institute of Bioprocessing Research & Training (NIBRT) and Dan Merriman of Thermo Fisher Scientific on a recent collaborative project to characterize different cell culture processes at NIBRT. On demand

Category Title Description Date
Cell therapy Immuno-oncology 2.0 Roundtable A candid discussion among some of the most experienced, innovative thinkers on the key challenges that must be addressed if the cellular cancer immunotherapy field is to fully realize its undoubted commercial potential. On demand

Category Title Description Date
Contaminant and impurity testing Innovative Analytical Strategies for Monitoring Critical Process Parameters and Critical Quality Attributes (CQA) Presenting an overview of the current state of bioprocessing monitoring, discuss areas for improvement and implementation of PAT, and describe the potential of GMP-compliant MS characterization throughout bioprocess and lot release. On demand
Contaminant and impurity testing Addressing the Challenges in Maintaining and Analyzing Biotherapeutic Glycosylation In this webinar, we discuss the complexities of glycosylation, its implications in bioprocess development, and tools enabling precise control, quantitation, and characterization of glycan profiles. On demand
Contaminant and impurity testing Holistic workflow solutions to target, purify and characterize glycoprotein profiles In this webinar, you will learn how to preferentially shunt glycan profiles during growth phase through use of precision cell culture feeds, glycoprotein purification considerations, including selectivity and protein yield, the steps to successfully navigate analytical challenges posed by glycan separation via size, shape, and charge, and strategies towards intact glycoprotein, labelled glycan, and free glycan analyses with analytical methodologies. On demand
Contaminant and impurity testing MicroSEQ Choosing between genotypic and phenotypic method for microbial identification In this webinar, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each method, different technologies currently available, and basic requirements for validating a microbial identification method. On demand
Contaminant and impurity testing MycoSEQ Development and Validation of a Rapid Hybrid qPCR Mycoplasma The European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) and the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) have chapters devoted to the validation of qPCR-based Mycoplasma methods. Nevertheless, there are no clear guidelines, leaving the validation of a qPCR-based Mycoplasma method open to interpretation. In this webinar we’ll discuss, sample treatment in the case of high background signals, strain selection, and limit of detection. On demand
Contaminant and impurity testing ProteinSEQ ™ : Host cell protein and residual Protein A quantitation using qPCR The ProteinSEQ™ Protein Quantitation System is a breakthrough immunoPCR technology for sensitive and reproducible quantitation of Protein A or host cell impurities. In this session, learn about the key features and benefits. On demand
Contaminant and impurity testing CHO host cell DNA quantitation in-house in under 5 hours Learn from the experts about the resDNASEQ™ System, the first integrated qPCR system for quantitation of residual CHO DNA, with optional automated sample preparation. Now you can bring host cell DNA testing in-house for a fraction of the cost of contract testing labs. On demand
Contaminant and impurity testing Still leaving microbial identification to chance? Hear from the experts about the next-generation MicroSEQ™ Rapid Microbial Identification System, with the same high accuracy you already enjoy from the MicroSEQ™ System but with higher throughput and greater ease of use powered by the new Applied Biosystems™ 3500 Series Genetic Analyzer. On demand
Contaminant and impurity testing Global Regulators’ FAQs on CMC in IND/BLA Filing: A Retrospective Look At Past Mycoplasma Validation Queries and Responses   On demand
Contaminant and impurity testing Residual DNA quantitation for all specific cell lines used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes The removal of host cell impurities is a critical step in purification. A major challenge is the accurate and sensitive quantitation of host cell DNA impurities in both the purification process and in drug substance samples. The Applied Biosystems resDNASEQ™ host cell residual DNA quantitation systems measure levels of residual DNA from common host cell lines. Watch this webinar and learn more details about this technology. On demand

Category Title Description Date
Knowledge culture Next level innovation in Single-use bioreactors Listen to this exclusive technology on-demand webinar where you will hear from the Thermo Fisher technical team presenting on design aspects for the HyPerforma DynaDrive Single-use bioreactor. On demand
Knowledge culture Advancing Microbial Bioproduction In a diversifying biomolecules landscape, microbial bioproduction is a lean and effective choice whenever possible: antigens for vaccine use, single-domain antibodies and many recombinant proteins can best be manufactured in microbial systems. Watch this educational webinar and learn how to benefit from recent technology advances to successfully develop your bioprocess. On demand
Knowledge culture Optimise your adherent cell-based biomanufacturing process Learn more about the unique challenges specific to adherent cells, such as practical consequences to serum dependency and hear about the latest advances in serum-free, chemically defined media and next generation supplementation strategies. On demand
Knowledge culture How to ensure quality and compliance in implementation of single use systems Watch this educational webinar and discover valuable risk mitigation strategies addressing important issues such as integrity or particulates, both in the area of rigid or flexible single-use systems. On demand
Knowledge culture Robust continuous upstream processing Learn how to successfully implement perfusion in your process. Discover the latest advances in the field of perfusion media performance, as well as in single-use manufacturing workflow solutions. On demand
Knowledge culture Early process development options and speed to clinic The sustainable development of the biopharmaceutical industry depends on a constant optimisation of the ratio between cost and time to clinic with respect to new candidate molecules attrition rate. Bioprocess development is one of the areas where time can be saved based on experience. Learn how some key early technology choices can positively impact your bioprocess development agility and time to clinic. On demand
Knowledge culture Innovations in viral vector development, scale up and production Watch this educational webinar and learn how recent innovation can help you to significantly push the boundaries of viral vectors productivity and quality. Discover how recent innovation in areas such as cells, media and transfection agents can boost and standardise your process, as illustrated by our lentiviral case study. On demand
Knowledge culture Vaccines Upstream and Downstream Innovations Webinar Join us in this 2-part educational webinar and learn how to benefit from recent technology advances to develop or improve your vaccine’s upstream and downstream bioprocess, either microbial or animal cells based. On demand


Category Title Description Date
Purification AAV downstream processing for industrial scale production – moving towards commercial manufacturing Join us on May 20 at 8a PST/11a EST/16:00 BST/17:00 CEST to learn how the implementation of Thermo Scientific POROS CaptureSelect AAV affinity resins results in maximizing productivity and scalability for clinical and commercial AAV manufacturing, as well as the efficacy of these resins for viral clearance removal. May 20, 2020
Purification Packing Rigid POROS Chromatography Resins: Efficient and Fast Method to Get Optimal Results In this webcast, Dr. Le Bris reviews the characteristics of POROS and the standard conditions to be used to ensure easy and efficient column packing and testing. On demand
Purification Efficient Solutions for the Purification of Challenging Antibody Formats During this webinar you will learn more about efficient and scalable affinity purification solutions for the production of challenging antibody formats. On demand
Purification Clearing the Way for Viral Clearance During this webinar, David Cetlin, CEO, MockV Solutions, and John Li, Staff Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific, discuss the results of a viral clearance study that was performed on Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC) resins. In this study, viral clearance was examined on POROS™ HIC resins using several designed polish steps for a clinical stage monoclonal antibody. On demand
Purification Combining state-of-the-art production, purification and analytics to optimize AAV manufacturing for clinical and commercial gene therapies In this webinar, Thermo Fisher Scientific describe how they are mobilizing to meet rapidly growing demand for AAV vector from both technology development and manufacturing strategy viewpoints. On demand
Purification Platform Purification Approaches for the Production of Complex Biologics In this webcast, we will discuss the attributes of Thermo Scientific POROS Ion Exchange and Hydrophobic Interaction chromatography resins, addressing purification challenges of today’s biomolecules. On demand
Purification Versatility of camelid single domain ligands for the use in purification, qualification and characterization of antibodies During this presentation we will outline the versatility of CaptureSelect single-domain ligands and show examples of how they can be used for purification, quantification and characterization of different antibody formats. On demand
Purification Accelerating advancement in gene therapy by improving downstream purification of viral vectors During this presentation we outline the benefits of implementing affinity chromatography as a platform in the downstream purification of viral vectors, using the CaptureSelect™ technology as the basis of generating high-binding affinity ligands. On demand
Purification Innovative Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC) Resins for Next Generation Purification Challenges – Case Study of Monoclonal Antibody Aggregate Removal Using HIC in Flow-Through Polishing In this webcast, Thermo Fisher Scientific experts will highlight new purification solutions focusing on hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC) to solve current industry challenges in downstream purification.  The presentation will include a case study of monoclonal antibody aggregate removal, under low salt conditions, using a new Thermo Fisher HIC resin. On demand
Purification Accelerating vaccine development by innovative purification solutions and state of the art quality testing During this webinar we will present innovative chromatography solutions that can help in improving the downstream processes of different vaccine types. In addition, we will address regulatory requirements for safety and purity testing during the vaccine production process and discuss the benefits of implementing automated systems to save time and demonstrate product quality and safety. On demand


Category Title Description Date
Single-use technology Single-Use bioprocess platform for veterinary vaccine and biopharmaceutical pilot-scale production During this webinar, you gain the understanding of the implementation journey taken to accelerate veterinary biological product development, identify the challenges of integrating vaccine and biopharmaceutical processing, and learn about the single-use qualification and implementation process in a multi-product facility. June 11, 2020
Single-use technology Global sterile transportation and formulation of an adjuvant During this webinar, you will gain an understanding of how to develop a solution for global use, uncover the challenges of sterile product transportation (E&L) and discuss the pros and cons of single-use solutions in this type of application. September 8, 2020
Single-use technology From concept to market: unique applications in biomanufacturing This webinar will talk about the paradigm shifts in today’s facility design and operations, with the multi-purpose facility and smaller, the modular facility being favoured by many companies. In addition, rapid adoption of disposable technology has enabled faster and lower cost facility design & start-up. With the modular, disposable technologies, the unique “scale-out” approach has the advantage of providing the highest flexibility to customers while simultaneously lowering tech transfer and scale-up risks. September 11, 2020

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