Single-Use Bioprocessing Equipment

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Thermo Scientific single-use equipment to facilitate easy integration and customization across upstream and downstream bioprocessing workflows.

You can now easily and uniquely configure and standardize processes that employ Thermo Scientific Single-Use Bioreactors (S.U.B.s), Single-Use Fermentors (S.U.F.s), Single-Use Mixers (S.U.M.s), Integrity Testing Systems, Heat Exchangers, Bioprocess Containers (BPCs), and other accessories for rapid change-over and ease-of-use.

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Benefits of Single-Use Equipment

  • Quality and flexibility—innovative systems for ease-of-use and integration
  • Efficiency in design—components are designed to be ergonomic, compact, and easily configurable
  • Adaptability and choice—platforms are available for ready assembly or for pre-configured, turnkey operation
  • Knowledgeable and comprehensive support—extensive documentation and global, field-based technical support

Featured Single-Use Equipment

Bioreactor platforms designed as stirred-tank reactors for animal cell culture, utilizing single-use product contact surfaces.

Our systems are designed to meet the high demands of industrial microbiology with efficient mass transfer, mixing, and temperature control.

Designed for a range of upstream and downstream applications—media and buffer preparation to viral inactivation to cell re-suspension.

The Thermo Scientific inSITE Integrity Testing System is a post-installation, pre-use integrity testing system that detects flaws at the most critical stage.

The Thermo Scientific DHX is a modular heat exchanger that easily integrates into any new or existing process.

Develop a fully commercial-scale process using Nunc Cell Factory systems. Equipment options include an automated manipulator, a CO2 incubator, and a shaker.

Related products

Standard and custom BPCs, tubing sets, and manifolds, covering a range of applications, sizes, and connection systems.

Available in stainless steel or plastic for in-process storage, collection, and harvest needs or for shipping and transportation needs.


Single-Use Bioprocessing Equipment

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