Learn about methods for exosome isolation from scientists Axl Neurauter, Ketil Winter Pedersen, and Sasha Vlassov at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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Exosome webinar presenting scientists
Alexander “Sasha”
Sr. Staff Scientist,
Molecular Biology
Axl Neurauter,
Sr. Manager R&D,
Cell Biology
Ketil Winter Pedersen,
Staff Scientist,
Cell Biology

Webinar details:

  • Learn about a more versatile method for exosome isolation: magnetic separation using Dynabeads magnetic beads with antibodies against classical exosome surface proteins (CD9, CD63, CD81 and EpCAM).
  • The exosome sub-populations captured with these magnetic beads are suitable for downstream analysis by flow cytometry, ELISA, mass spectrometry, electron microscopy, qRT-PCR, and sequencing.

Webinar details:

  • Learn how to monitor the level of exosomes in urine samples and cell cultures.
  • Hear about ways in which exosomes might be used in clinical settings.
  • Learn about the power and promise of using magnetic beads to automate the isolation of exosomes.
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