Expression of RNA determines many biological processes including cell differentiation and pathological processes. Knowing which genes are expressed under different conditions uncovers key targets for diagnosis and treatment. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers complete gene expression solutions, from sample stabilization to results, including Real-Time qPCR (RT-qPCR), reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR) and QuantiGene assays.

When you trust Thermo Fisher Scientific across your gene expression workflow, you can be confident in: 

  • A product offering that spans budget and performance preferences, at every step 
  • Products optimized to work together for highest quality, yield and reproducibility 
  • One-stop technical support and field-based technical experts, for fast trouble-shooting and reliable end-to-end solutions 
  • Exemplary field services and account teams, dedicated to keep your lab running efficiently 
  • Webinars, tips, and best practices, product selection guides, product samples, and other support tools designed to keep you informed, simplify the decision process, and help ensure optimal performance.

RNA extraction

RNase-free workspace
RNase-free lab essentials
RNA extraction
RNA stabilization

Choose from several proven options to eliminate RNase contaminants on lab surfaces.

Avoid, detect, and inhibit contaminating RNases with RNase-free buffers, reagents, water, and plastics.

Extract RNA from samples and crude lysates with silica spin columns or magnetic beads. Our automated Kingfisher instruments offer additional speed, consistency, and reproducibility during this important first step.

Stabilize and preserve the integrity of your RNA, either at the point of collection or post-collection

RNA quantification


Fluorogenic dyes selectively bind to DNA or RNA and only emit a signal when bound to the target molecule. This method is recommended when measuring dilute samples.

Spectrophotometry utilizes UV-Vis absorbance at 260 nm to quantify the amount of nucleic acid in a sample, and can measure purity with absorbance ratios.

Reverse transcription



Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a wide variety of pre-designed and custom primers and probes, available with more than 50 modification including MGB, TAMRA, and QSY.

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Reverse transcriptases

Choose from a variety of reverse transcription enzymes and formats, to produce superior cDNA synthesis results regardless of template RNA.

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RNase inhibitors

Feel confident in your control of contaminants, with RNase inhibitor options suited to your research needs.


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Gene expression analysis



PCR is an invaluable tool for molecular biology research, used for a wide array of applications including gene expression analysis, genotyping, sequencing, mutagenesis and cloning.

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Discover our newest real-time PCR instruments, learn about TaqMan, TaqPath, SYBR Green qPCR Master Mixes, and TaqMan Assays available for every qPCR application; review all possibilities for Gene Expression Analysis.




QuantiGene RNA Assays measure gene expression directly from cell and whole blood lysates or tissue homogenates without the need to purify or amplify RNA.

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