QuantStudio Real-Time PCR systems detect changes in gene expressions as low as 1.5-fold. The system supports a broad range of genomic applications, such as analyses of gene expression, microRNAs and noncoding RNAs, copy number variation, drug metabolism enzymes, and protein expression; SNP genotyping; and mutation detection.

A user-friendly touchscreen and intuitive software make the systems easy to use. Designed to reduce contamination and increase productivity, several QuantStudio Real-Time PCR systems include remote set-up, monitoring, and sharing. The QuantStudio 6 and 7 Pro systems also feature hands-free commands.

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Changing blocks has never been easier.


Precise quantification, with 1.5-fold discrimination

Uncover a richer data set with 1.5-fold discrimination. Data shows distinct clusters indicating 2-fold and 1.5-fold discrimination on QuantStudio 7 Pro system with 99.9% confidence, equivalent to other Applied Biosystems platforms.

Intuitive touch screens

From easy set-up to monitoring reactions in real-time. QuantStudio systems enable visualization of your RT-PCR reaction in real-time. The graphical interface simplifies use and provides easy to understand status. 

Robust, friendly software

Design and Analysis 2 Software is designed to create and edit the qPCR run setup for multiple instrument types. It offers single-plate data analysis for CT, standard curve, relative quantification, genotyping and presence/absence of gene of interest.

Run multiple optimizations simultaneously

Most QuantStudio systems with 96-well block format feature VeriFlex technology, which provides precise independent temperature control in each zone. Blocks contain either three or six VeriFlex zones. Each zone can be a different temperature, allowing multiple temperature optimizations in the same run.

Access, analyze, and share data anytime, anywhere

Remotely monitor your runs, quickly analyze sophisticated data sets, store results in a secure space, and safely share them online with colleagues across campus and around the world with Web browser-based software supported by our Connect cloud-based platform.

Hear what our customers have to say

"The interaction with instruments through voice command is highly appreciated because typically the operator has something in their hands or gloves and so forth.” 

—Mikael Kubista, Head and Founder of TATAA Biocenter AB, Sweden

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