High sensitivity and wide dynamic range

Applied Biosystems QuantStudio Real-Time PCR systems can detect very small changes, as low as 1.5 fold, in gene expression, that may be missed by other systems. A dynamic range of up to 10 logs tracks broad changes in expression between different types of samples and conditions. 

Detection of 1.5-fold changes in gene expression.

Multiplex multiple genes in a single run

QuantStudio systems include the OptiFlex System, which improves well-to-well and instrument-to instrument data accuracy. This system enables advanced multiplexing of multiple genes through decoupled excitation and emission filter channels. With the OptiFlex System both TaqMan- and SYBR-based assays can be performed within the same run.

The OptiFlex System enables advanced multiplexing through decoupled excitation and emission filter channels.

Different numbers of excitation and emissions filters, from three on the QuantStudio 1 system to six with up to 21 filter combinations on the QuantStudio 7 Pro system, allow the quantification of multiple genes within the same experiment. This facilitates maximum flexibility for experimental design. The table below summarizes the dye compatibility with each system.

Interactive touch screen

Save time and reduce errors with touch screens that allow for easy editing of experimental conditions and viewing of plate layout. Pre-optimized protocol templates and locked workflow features improve experimental consistency. Once the experiments are set up, results are displayed during the run. The view can be manipulated to view a particular graph or data point.

QuantStudio Real-Time PCR systems allow easy editing of thermal cycling conditions and viewing of plate layout (left). Amplification plots are displayed with the ability to drill down to a subset of sample wells (right).

VeriFlex heat blocks

Most QuantStudio systems contain 96-well VeriFlex blocks with 3-6 zones. VeriFlex blocks are designed for optimal temperature control, reducing small variances that can lead to inconsistent results. Additionally, each zone can be run at a different temperature within a single run. This allows multiple experiments to take place within the same run, maximizing productivity.

VeriFlex heat blocks inside QuantStudio systems allow precise heat control in each zone, reducing variability across the block compared to the gradient system used in other real-time PCR systems.

Interchangeable blocks

Save valuable space in your laboratory. Several QuantStudio systems, including the 7 Pro, 6 Pro, 12 Flex, and 7 Flex, feature interchangeable blocks to meet the changing needs of your laboratory. Options include small scale optimization with 96-wells all the way up to 12,000 data points (running four OpenArray plates with 3,072 through-holes) on select systems. Changing blocks is easy and does not require tools.  

QuantStudio 7 Pro system with interchangeable blocks.

Design and analysis software

Easily generate high quality data sets. Applied Biosystems qPCR design and analysis modules are a set of modules that provide an online toolkit for the analysis of qPCR data. The software takes advantage of Connect, our cloud-based platform, to provide highly versatile analysis tools that are flexible, fast, easy to use and facilitate functional understanding of qPCR and related data. Featured modules include:

Design and Analysis

Offers the ability to create, edit, and analyze qPCR instrument files.


Includes improved visuals and integrated traces of allelic discrimination plots to allow thorough QC of SNP assays to accurately reflect the true signals versus background noise.

High Resolution Melt (HRM) Analysis

Designed for post-PCR analysis to identify variation in nucleic acid sequences. The method is based on detecting small differences in PCR melting (dissociation) curves.

Presence/Absence Analysis

Analyzes and interprets real-time PCR data or post-read data to determine if a specific target sequence is present in a sample or not. It provides an easy-to-view presence/absence result in a plate grid view.

Standard Curve

Offers reliable quantification of unknown quantities of genes and enables importing of standard curves from other experiments, providing analysis flexibility

hPSC Scorecard Analysis

Scores gene expression profiles generated using the TaqMan hPSC Scorecard Panel compared to a reference set of well-characterized pluripotent stem cell lines

Relative Quantification

Allows fast and powerful gene expression analysis with enhanced visual capabilities for relative quantification, including integrated correlation and volcano and cluster analysis with the ability to drill down to amplification plots