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"The facial authentication, voice commands, and super responsive and intuitive touch screen menu make it one of the few instruments that is actually very easy to use as a stand-alone instrument (rather than running the instrument through a computer).”

Richard Fekete,


NemaMetrix Inc

"The enhanced workflow and data management from the QuantStudio 6 Pro software and Connect. cloud-enabled systems will save hours upon hours in set-up and data transfer time. I can set up my run method while away from the lab, then just drop in my plate and go. Automatic data transfer to Connect has greatly simplified data management and sharing. The assurance that everyone on the team is seeing the same data and analysis will become extremely important as we scale up our qPCR operations."

Wenlan Hu

NemaMetrix Inc

"It's mostly about the user experience... we would have been able to collapse a week of our timeline if we had the QuantStudio 6 Pro system" 

Stephen Turner



Special guides

Real-Time PCR Handbook 2.0 Digital Experience

Self-paced training to learn how to optimize real-time PCR. This go-to educational resource includes guidance on running a qPCR experiment, how-to videos, diagrams, frequently asked questions, and best practices. 

Genetic Analysis for All webinar series

Learn about genetic analysis techniques, including Sanger sequencing, next-generation sequencing, quantitative and digital PCR, and microarray analysis through various webinars.

qPCR Overview brochure

Learn all about our real-time PCR systems and real-time PCR solutions, from sample preparation to data analysis. 

Behind the Bench blog

Search through various topics and learn more about real-time PCR systems and real-time PCR solutions from experts via our Behind the Bench blog. 

Guided learning

Real-Time PCR Basics

This guided learning provides links and resources to learning material, including videos and webinars, to help you understand the technology and get started quickly. Great for both new and experienced users. 

Real-Time PCR (qPCR) Learning Center

Our learning center is a centralized location for educational resources across a wide array of real-time PCR application areas. Full of many different types of learning tools including articles, application notes, videos, and webinars.

Real-Time PCR (qPCR) Resource Library

Our Real-Time PCR Resource Library is a filterable and searchable collection of real-time PCR resources, allowing researchers to quickly view a list of resources related to the applications of most interest to them. 


Our interactive Gene Expression Quantitation Troubleshooting Tool will guide you step by step to a solution for any issue you may be having. 

Our interactive SNP Genotyping Troubleshooting Tool will guide you step by step to a solution for any issue you may be having with SNP genotyping. 

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