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Everything you need to protect your samples

Sample storage at cryogenic and extremely low temperatures provides security for biological specimens and derivatives of those specimens, genomic material, and compounds over extended periods of time. Preserving the information associated with stored samples is a critical part of the storage process, as unidentified samples in storage are unusable and serve no purpose. Thermo Scientific has proven solutions to track and preserve your samples.


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Protect enzymes, cells, reagents and solutions by maintaining freezer temperatures while on the laboratory bench using benchtop coolers.

Easily and permanently identify samples and storage boxes with Thermo Scientific Cryoware Labels

Maximize storage capacity with Thermo Scientific Cryogenic Boxes, for use in Thermo Scientific CryoPlus LN2 cryopreservation storage.

Freeze cells in tubes from 1 to 5mL using the Thermo Scientific Mr. Frosty Container, designed to achieve a rate of cooling very close to -1°C/minute.

Storage Plates are an economical and reliable solution for sample storage, high-throughput screening and low-binding assays in drug discovery and molecular biology applications.

From 2D barcode readers to sample handling software, cappers/decappers, and sealers, we offer a full storage and handling product line to enhance your throughput of manual or integrated workflows.

Store your samples in these tubes & vials to eliminate leaching of ions while maintaining a consistent pH for the life of your sample.

Thermo Scientific -80°C lab freezers are designed to protect samples and maximize storage capacity.

Transport and store nonhazardous materials, cells, tissues, industrial gases, and other biological samples with the highest safety and security.

Products designed to protect you and your samples from damage in cryogenic conditions and help keep you working efficiently.

Groundbreaking Genomics Discoveries

Empowering the journey towards groundbreaking genomic discoveries

Watch how our robust portfolio of consumables, equipment, reagents and instruments integrate seamlessly into the entire genomics workflow – from initial sample collection and preparation to analysis and long term sample storage.


Bring the power of barcoding to your process

Custom barcoding and labeling are available for Abgene and Nunc Storage Plates to enhance tracking of samples and groups of samples.

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