Cryogenic Markets

Cryogenic storage is a harsh environment that can shrink or peel box and tube labels and cause writing to deteriorate and become unreadable over time. It's important to use cryogenically compatible markers, labels, and pens to ensure you will always be able to track and locate your precious samples when you need them.

Cryo Markers and Pens

Label cryogenic vials to -200°C (-328°F) with the Thermo Scientific™ Cryo Marker Pen Set. The ink is fast-drying, nonsmearing and permanent.

Catalog # Description Color Quantity
6313-0010 Nalgene Cryoware Marker Set Assorted (Red, Blue, Green, Black) 24
6313-0020 Nalgene Cryoware Marker Set Black 24
343850 Nunc Cryo Pen Permanent Marker Black 10

Cryoware Labels

25 x 50mm cloth labels specifically designed for use at ultra-low temperatures. These labels will accept markers or ballpoint pen and adhere to plastic and cardboard without shrinking or peeling.


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