Freezing containers, caps and supplies that support your sample storage process.

Thermo Scientific offers a range of storage tube accessories to enhance the security and organization of your samples when using our tubes. Our sample storage tube accessories are designed to work with our tubes in support of your lab’s workflow.

Freezing Containers

Freeze cells in tubes from 1 to 5 mL using the Thermo Scientific Mr. Frosty Freezing Container. The simple-to-use system is designed to achieve a rate of approximately -1°C/minute, the optimal rate to maintain cell viability during cryopreservation. Each container, with a screw lid, securely holds 12 to 18 cryotubes, for sample transportation in the lab and sample storage in the freezer.  


Benchtop Coolers

Designed to maintain cold temperatures, our various benchtop coolers hold microcentrifuge tubes and cryogenic vials of different sizes to protect your enzymes, reagents, cells and other biological samples during your experiment.


Benchtop Dewar Flasks

Our Benchtop Dewar Flasks are constructed with chemical-resistant HDPE double walls filled with CFC-free urethane foam insulation that can withstand temperature from -196oC to +100oC for easy sample transportation between labs.

CryoFlex Tubing, CryoCane and CryoSleeve

Whether to protect an individual cryotube with Cryoflex or to protect a cryotube loaded CryoCane with CryoSleeve, our storage tube protection accessories safeguard your samples in liquid or vapor phase nitrogen during cryopreservation and shipping.


Tube Caps, Color Coders and Seals

Our portfolio of sample storage tubes includes various capping options and can be ordered with the capping system that best suits your needs. Additionally, we offer a range of caps and seals that can be purchased separately to support your specific needs. Matrix and Nunc caps are available in a range of formats and colors to allow for your manual or automated storage needs.

Matrix SepraSeal and DuraSeal Caps

Thermo Scientific Matrix SepraSeal septa enables individual tube capping plus the ability to apply 96 septa at once and store down to -20°C.   

Thermo Scientific Matrix  DuraSeal tube sealing solutions complement the Thermo Scientific Matrix 2D and non-2D coded storage tubes and designed for storage down to -80°C. 

These caps are available in sterile, non-sterile, solid, or pre-split, and a range of colors for quick visual sample identification.   


Matrix ScrewTop caps and inserts

Simplify sample storage with these color-coded caps and inserts. Thermo Scientific Matrix ScrewTop Tube caps and inserts are available racked in trays or in bulk to suit a variety of applications.


CryoTube colored caps

Color-code your sample vials with Thermo Scientific Nunc CryoTube Colored Caps. For use with Nunc internally threaded CryoTube vials and include a silicone gasket to provide the best seal.  Available in sterile or non-sterile. 

Barcode color coders

Matching the corresponding Nalgene and Nunc cryotubes, the Nalgene and Nunc color coders allow you to have a quick “at-a-glance” sample identification without changing the standard caps on the cryotubes. 

Cryoware Markers and Labels

Cryogenic storage is a harsh environment that can cause writing and label to deteriorate and become unreadable over time. It's important to use cryogenically compatible markers, labels, and pens to ensure you will always be able to track and locate your precious samples when you need them.  Label cryogenic vials to -200°C (-328°F) with the Thermo Scientific Cryo Marker Pen Set and 25 x 50mm cloth labels specifically designed for use at ultra-low temperatures without shrinking or peeling.

Cryo Boxes

Thermo Scientific Cryoboxes protect and organize your important samples and are available in materials ranging from economical cardboard to break-resistant, durable polycarbonate to meet any need and budget. The Dense Storage format is available to maximize storage, holding 169 1.0mL Thermo Scientific Nunc Cryobank tubes. All Thermo Scientific Cryoboxes are designed to provide dependable sample protection and meet the rigorous requirements of cryogenic storage.


Latch Racks

Enhance sample storage at low temperatures, including vapor phase Liquid Nitrogen, with Thermo Scientific Matrix barcoded latch racks. Barcoded Latch Racks feature a linear barcode, 2D barcode and human readable rack identification on three sides of the rack for the ultimate in sample tracking. Use in combination with Thermo Scientific 2D barcoded tubes, barcode readers, arrayers and capping equipment.




This product is intended for general laboratory use unless otherwise specified. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the performance of the product is suitable for the specific use or application.