Customized barcodes to enhance sample tracking and ID.

Custom barcoding services allow you to use our tubes seamlessly within your existing sample tracking and identification system.  By using our services, you can order your tubes with pre-applied linear and human readable barcodes or laser etched, 2D barcodes according to your specifications.  

Custom Barcoding Services

Enhance your sample security with custom barcoding on your cryogenic sample storage tubes.  This service is available for Nunc, Nalgene and Martrix tubes. Tubes are delivered with pre-applied linear and human readable barcodes on the side of the tube for easy tracking of samples in databases, LIMS or Excel files. Additionally, matching 2D barcodes are available on the bottoms of Matrix tubes for fully automated tracking and ID systems.

Robust codes are direct-printed onto white patches for high contrast, durability and readability. Available with human readable text for the ability to read without barcode readers.  Barcodes are resistant to isopropyl alcohol, 100% butanol, 10% DMSO, 5% bleach, 10% acetic, hydrochloric acids and 10% NaOH.  Barcodes be customized (never duplicated) or non-customized.

Laser-etched 2D barcode on the base of every tube ensures secure sample tracking with highest contrast available for readability even with some frost on the tube. The linear and human readable codes match this unique 2D barcode, allowing 1D scanning or visual identification of samples across satellite or collaborative sites without 2D readers.



This product is intended for general laboratory use unless otherwise specified. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the performance of the product is suitable for the specific use or application.