Save on Cell Culture Solutions

Our cell culture solutions are designed to optimize cell growth, viability, and functionality, helping ensure exceptional results for your experiments. We also offer a comprehensive range of products for specialty applications spanning across stem cells and neurobiology, cancer research, genome editing, and transfection.

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Key specialty products for your research

Gibco Laminin Mouse Protein, Natural

  • Modulates cell attachment, spreading, growth, and motility.
  • Promotes epithelial differentiation.
  • Modifies leukocyte function and stimulates neurite outgrowth.

Gibco StemFlex Medium

  • Supports the expansion of feeder-free PSCs and is optimized for novel applications, including single-cell passaging, gene editing, and reprogramming.
  • Ability to select an optimal feeding schedule, a choice of matrices, and the option to select the passaging reagent.


Gibco Neurobasal Medium

  • Designed for long-term maintenance and maturation of pure pre-natal and embryonic neuronal cell populations without the need for an astrocyte feeder layer when used with Gibco B-27 supplements.
  • Suitable for use in most neuronal cell applications.


Invitrogen TrueCut Cas9 Protein v2

  • Consistently high editing efficiency in all tested cell lines including standard, immune, primary, and stem cells.
  • Pair transfection-ready Invitrogen TrueCut Cas9 Protein v2 with a guide RNA (gRNA) for faster, improved results.

Invitrogen Lipofectamine 3000 Transfection Reagent

  • Excellent transfection performance with improved application outcomes and reproducible results.
  • Designed to efficiently transfect difficult-to-transfect cells, including established cell lines, stem cells, and primary cells.

Gibco B-27 Supplement (50X), serum free

  • An optimized serum-free supplement used to support the low- or high-density growth and short- or long-term viability of embryonic, post-natal, and adult hippocampal and other CNS neurons.
  • Suitable for use in most neuronal cell applications.

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