Introducing the Lab-Forward Trade-In Program for Automated Sample Preparation

Trading in your current sample preparation system or device has never been faster or easier. You can trade in a separatory funnel, manual vacuum manifold, a Thermo Fisher Scientific instrument, or an instrument from another manufacturer for valuable credit toward a new Thermo Scientific ASE 350, Dionex AutoTrace 280 or AutoTrace 280 PFAS sample preparation instrument. We even have flexible financing options to reduce the impact on your budget. The Lab-Forward Trade-In Program is our way of helping you keep up with the speed of science.

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Why trade up to a new sample preparation instrument?

You know the ins and outs of your lab’s workflow better than anyone else. More than likely, you have a running list of bottlenecks in your existing sample preparation workflow that you would like to improve. Perhaps you already know the way to accelerate your work is to upgrade to an automated sample preparation instrument. However, making that leap can seem like an enormous commitment. And yet, for every reason you may have to hang on to your current processes, there is a list of reasons to trade up to the latest we have to offer. The following is just a glimpse of the benefits you can expect.


  • Take full advantage of the efficiency automation brings to sample preparation
  • Greater accuracy, reproducibility, and improved recoveries
  • Significant reduction in risk of PFAS background contamination
  • Lowers incidents of errors, rerunning and resampling
  • Simplified operation that reduces training costs and saves time
  • Guaranteed access to the service, support, and parts you need


Time and freedom to tackle other challenges

In today’s busy labs, everyone needs to do more with less. As daily tasks grow, so does your need to prioritize. All too often, urgent demands like sample preparation take priority over important strategic work, which is forced to take a backseat. Even worse, some tasks may get rushed, leading to errors and the need to rerun batches or even resample. Truth is: Preparing sample preparation samples manually is very time consuming. Now you can recapture the time with a new sample preparation instrument.

Dionex AutoTrace 280 Solid-Phase Extraction Instrument

  • Automate all four steps of sample preparation (conditioning, loading, rinsing, and eluting)
  • Improve recovery and reproducibility
  • Boost productivity and reduce cost of analysis
  • Process six samples in 2-3 hours with only 15 minutes of operator involvement
  • Meet requirements in US EPA methods including the 500 and 600 series

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Dionex AutoTrace 280 Solid-Phase Extraction Instrument for PFAS Extractions

  • Reduce PFAS background with non-fluoropolymer-based materials
  • Reduce occurrences of errors and lower risk of rerunning and resampling
  • Improve PFAS recovery and reproducibility
  • Minimal user interaction improves lab efficiency and helps control PFAS background
  • Meet requirements in US EPA methods 537.1 and 533

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ASE 350

Dionex ASE 350 - High Throughput Sample Preparation with Walkaway Automation

  • Automates extraction of organic analytes from solid and semi-solid samples
  • Reduces extraction time down to minutes per sample
  • Cuts solvent consumption down significantly compared to manual techniques
  • Can process up to 24 samples in one batch unattended
  • Meets requirements in US EPA Method 3545A

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The value of your current sample preparation system will be evaluated by trained Thermo Fisher Scientific personnel based on type of instrument, age and condition. We’ll ask you some questions on the history of your system in order to provide an accurate estimate on its value towards a new sample preparation system.

You can trade in a manual vacuum manifold, separation funnel, a Thermo Fisher Scientific instrument, or an instrument from another manufacturer for valuable credit toward a new Dionex AutoTrace 280 or AutoTrace 280 PFAS SPE instrument, or Thermo Scientific ASE 350.

Leave the heavy lifting to us. If you decide that you would like to trade up to a new discrete analyzer system, we will arrange for proper transportation that is free of charge.

Your old SPE will undergo an inspection to determine if any of the components can be reused or recycled. Rest assured that all activities relating to the processing of your system will be managed in an environmentally responsible way.

We have your back on method transfer and training with specialized staff who can give you a helping hand. Do not hesitate to reach out to your local sales contact for details.

These promotions are available to customers in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the USA, and unless otherwise stated on each product page. Other restrictions may apply.


Put your best lab forward with exclusive financing

Put your best lab forward with exclusive financing

We won’t let budgetary constraints hold you back from making the essential equipment purchases you need to grow your lab. At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we are uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of financial and leasing services. Whether you would benefit from a deferred payment plan, one of our leasing options or interest-free financing, our financing experts can put together a payment plan that works for you.

*All financing options are subject to formal credit approval; interest rates and programs may vary by country.

Why Choose Thermo Fisher Scientific?

Lab partners for life

Lab partners for life

As a long-standing global company, we are a trusted partner to labs around the world. While our primary commitment is to developing instruments at the forefront of technology, we also believe that these instruments best serve science when they are in the hands of as many scientists as possible. That’s why we are equally committed to helping remove as many barriers of entry to our technology as possible by providing financing solutions, extensive training support and unique opportunities like our Lab-Forward Trade-In Program.

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