Ambion's BrightStar™ Nonisotopic Detection System: Tips for Minimizing Background - Technical Bulletin #172

Amino Allyl Labeling for Array Analysis
Description: This short article discusses the differences between direct incorporation and post-synthesis reaction methods for fluorescently labeling nucleic acids for array analysis.

BrightStar™ Psoralen-Biotin Labeled Probes - Technical Bulletin #175

Does It Make Antisense?
Description: A basic definition of coding, noncoding, antisense, and template DNA strands.

In Vitro Transcription: The Basics
Description: This article presents an overview of in vitro transcription, including requirements of in vitro transcription reactions and a comparison of conventional vs. large scale RNA synthesis. This is a good place to start if you haven't performed in vitro transcription in the past and want to know what's involved.

In Vitro Synthesis of RNA - Technical Bulletin #156

Phage Polymerase Promoters: Minimal Sequence Requirements
Description: T3, T7 and SP6 RNA polymerase consensus promoter sequences.

Practical Tips for In Vitro Transcription - Technical Bulletin #182

Practical Tips for Nonisotopic Detection - Technical Bulletin #184

Probe Labeling Chart
Description: This handy chart lists probes by type (RNA, cDNA, ssDNA, dsDNA, oligonucleotide) and lists applications, starting material, probe synthesis reaction, and the Ambion Kit we recommend.

Probe Specific Activity - Technical Bulletin #162

When Labeled Nucleotides Go Bad - Technical Bulletin #170
Description: This short article describes an experiment to determine if your labeled nucleotide has "gone bad."