Phone Tree Option

Example Keywords/Products

1. For product information, general inquiries, and document or literature requests


MSDS, COA, COO, manual, protocol, shelf life, product specifications

2. For capillary electrophoresis and next-generation sequencing products


Sequencing, BigDye®, AFLP, SOLiD®, PGM™, Ion Torrent™, fragment library, library prep

3. For real-time PCR products


TaqMan®, primers and probes, SNP, copy number, protein ligation, digital PCR, OpenArray®,  HRM, castPCR™, protein thermal shift, thermal cycler, pharmacogenomics, gene expression, plastics and plates

4. For protein biology products, including antibodies

1. Antibodies, ELISAs, bead-based immunoassays

Primary and secondary antibodies, antibody purification, chemiluminescent detection, immunoassays, Luminex®

2. Protein expression

Expression vectors, constitutive expression, inducible expression, transfection, lentivirus, adenovirus

3. Protein gels and western blotting

Gel electrophoresis, gel staining, myECL imager, Pierce, Novex®, NuPAGE®, Bolt®, Precise Gels, protein detection, iBlot®

4. All other protein biology products

Affinity purification, cross-linking, mass spectrometry and HPLC, post-translational modification, protein assays, protein extraction, protein dialysis, protein-protein interaction

5. For help routing your call

5. For all other molecular biology products


DNA or RNA purification, LCM, Arcturus®, RNAi, siRNA, IVT, nucleic acid gel electrophoresis, cloning, competent cells, GeneArt®, end-point PCR, primers/oligos, reverse transcriptase, SuperScript®

6. For cell culture and cellular analysis products

1. For cell culture media, sera, and stem cell products

Gibco®, cell culture, FBS, antibiotics, bioproduction, mammalian and primary cells, serum, media, POROS®, Cascade Biologics®

2. For cellular analysis products

Cellomics®/EVOS®/FLoid® imaging systems, fluorescent dyes, Molecular Probes®, Click-iT®, Countess®, FISH, Qubit®, Qdot®, stains

3. For transfection products

Lipofectamine®, Neon®, electroporation, transfection

4. For help routing your call


7. For additional product areas


Drug discovery, Tropix®, CellzDirect™, transplant diagnostics