Phone tree option Example keywords/products
For genetic analysis
  1. For sequencing
  2. For quantitative PCR
  3. For microarray applications
  4. For microarray applications
  1. Sequencing, BigDye®, AFLP, SOLiD®, PGM™, Ion Torrent™, fragment library, library prep, ExoSAP-iT
  2. TaqMan®, primers and probes, SNP, copy number, protein ligation, digital PCR, OpenArray®, HRM, castPCR™, protein thermal shift, thermal cycler, pharmacogenomics, gene expression, plastics and plates
  3. GeneChip, Axiom, Clariom, CytoScan, GeneTitan, OncoScan, Eureka, NetAffx
For protein analysis and expression
  1. For protein expression
  2. For protein gels and western blotting
  3. For antibodies and immunoassays
  4. For all other protein biology products
  5. For help routing your call
  1. Expression vectors, constitutive expression, inducible expression, transfection, lentivirus, adenovirus
  2. Gel electrophoresis, gel staining, Novex®, NuPAGE®, Bolt®, iBlot®, myECL Imager, chemi-luminescent detection
  3. Primary and secondary antibodies, antibody purification, immunoassays, Luminex®, QuantiGene, eBioscience
  4. Affinity purification, cross-linking, mass spectrometry and HPLC, post-translational modification, protein assays, protein extraction, protein dialysis, protein-protein interaction
For cell culture and fluorescent labeling and detection products
  1. For cell culture media, sera, and stem cell products
  2. For fluorescent labeling and detection including microscopy
  3. For flow cytometry products
  4. For help routing your call
  1. Gibco®, cell culture, FBS, antibiotics, bioproduction, mammalian and primary cells, serum, media, POROS®, Cascade Biologics®
  2. Cellomics®/EVOS®/FLoid® imaging systems, fluorescent dyes, Molecular Probes®, Click-iT®, Countess®, FISH, Qubit®, Qdot®, stains, ViewRNA
  3. Attune, PrimeFlow, FACS
For all other molecular biology products DNA or RNA purification, LCM, Arcturus®, RNAi, siRNA, IVT, nucleic acid gel electrophoresis, cloning, competent cells, GeneArt®, end-point PCR, primers/oligos, reverse transcriptase, SuperScript®, Lipofectamine®, Neon®, electroporation, transfection, VNTI, Gene-editing including CRISPR
For help routing your call