How to order

To place an order you will need an online Account and the account must be associated with your institutional account number(s).

Requesting an account for purchasing can be done using the Registration form located within the Account menu.


Shop and add to cart

Find the products you’re looking for via search, browsing Shop All Products or Application and Techniques. You can add products to your cart anytime–even when you are not signed in. Items in your cart will be saved until you make a purchase. You can also save multiple carts and name them for easy access later from your Account.


Hint: You can use Quick Order to add multiple products directly to the cart using the product catalog Bulk Upload and Copy/ Paste features allow many items to be added simultaneously.


You can save products to a list (or a cart ) and subsequently share that list with others for collaboration or to purchase on your behalf. Your Shared lists are located within your Account.


Hint: You can use Transfer Cart to forward your cart to a colleague. So long as their account is enabled for purchasing your colleague can retrieve the cart (from saved carts) and place the order on your behalf.

Place your order

When you’re ready to place your order, select View cart and begin checkout. Your cart is located at the top right of the website. If you have a quote or promotion, please enter it and select Apply. A message will confirm that the quote has been applied to the order successfully.

Shipping and billing

Your default shipping and billing addresses are provided in your cart. You can select other shipping or billing addresses so long as they are assigned to your Account. The shipping and billing accounts assigned to your web account are validated such that your account, with its specific shipping and billing addresses, are formally established as a legal entity performing scientific work. Given this, you are limited in which address fields you can edit during the checkout process


If needed, you can request a new shipping or billing address. Shipping and billing addresses are connected so requesting one, requires you to request the other. The “Edit or request new” selection in the cart is an easy way to make new shipping and billing requests.


Note: If you place an order with newly requested address(es), your order will not be processed until the new address(es) are validated, which usually takes a few days. The new addresses will be tagged with “pending” which means pending address validation.

Payment and Order Tracking

Select your payment method of Purchase Order, Credit Card, or My Approver will Pay. Select My Approver if you have specified (or wish to specify) an approver for your orders.


Hint: Approval routing options can be set up for you or other’s orders from within your Account. Additionally, your approvers can be configured to apply the appropriate payment to your order.


After payment details are entered, you can Indicate your Order Preferences. Here you can add special instructions, and update your email preferences.

For order-related notifications and/or copies of your invoices you can add up to 5 additional recipients.


As soon as you submit your order you will receive an order confirmation email, as well as shipment and delivery notices. Delivery text messages can be requested from Order History on the Order Tracking page. Opting into or, out of email notices can be done from within your account.


Hint: You can check the status of your order, including shipment tracking information, anytime using the Recent Orders section of your Account or the Check Order Status tool located in the Account menu.


To re-order from previous purchases go to Order History from your Account, then find the previous order and select re-reorder. Any custom configurations from previous orders are saved in a special Custom Order section within your Account for easy retrieval and re-ordering.

Step by step

Step 1

Go to and log in to your account from the Sign In dropdown menu.


New customer? Register for a account

Step 2

Find the products you need by searching or browsing, select the quantity, and add the products to your cart.


If you know the catalog numbers of the product you wish to order, enter them into our Quick Order tool, accessible at the top of every page.

Step 3

Select the Cart at the upper right of any page to view your cart and begin the checkout process.



Step 4

If you have a quote number or promotion code, enter it in the box below the Proceed to checkout button and select Apply. A message will confirm that the quote has been applied to the order.

Step 5

Once your order has been placed successfully you will receive an email with the order confirmation.


You can check the status of your order anytime in the Order Management section of your Account or with our Order Lookup tool.