How to Create Recurring Orders

It’s easy to create new recurring orders, view existing orders and track shipments from your online account. This streamlined process improves transparency, and set-up time while maximizing efficiency with these features:

  • Visibility—easily see order details, frequency, and key information
  • New recurring orders—create standing orders for delivery on a regular schedule of your choosing
  • Record keeping—download a .csv copy of your order
  • Collaboration—share your recurring order with others
  • Order status and tracking—quickly see order status and the next shipment date for each order 

Step by step

Step 1

Go to and log in to your account from the "Sign in" drop-down menu. If you don’t have an account, select Create Account instead to register for an account.

Note: The email address used to register should match the email address used for existing recurring orders.

Step 2

Select Recurring Orders from the left-hand navigation bar of your account page.

Step 3

From this page, you can create a new recurring order and view any existing standing orders. Select "Create recurring order" to begin placing your new order.

Note: If you do not see your current standing orders, please contact Customer Care at or call 1-800-955-6288, option #8, ext. 46138.

Step 4 - Account information

Name your order series and select a linked account to populate shipping and billing information. You can update this information from the profile section of your online account.

Products and pricing

Enter the catalog number, quantity, and reserve number, if applicable. Reserves will add up to 3 days to process. If a product cannot be purchased via recurring order, an alert will appear advising the removal of the item.

Select "Save items" if the order is complete or add more rows to enter more products.

Schedule frequency

Identify the shipment frequency (weekly, monthly, or custom), how often, and on what day of the week (Monday–Thursday).

Choose the order duration by period or number of shipments. Shipment date refers to the date your items will be shipped.

Payment information

Choose an existing purchase order (PO) number or enter a new PO number. Add in a PO reference or contract label to be included in the order documentation.

Special instructions and email preferences

Enter special instructions if needed; this can increase processing time by up to 48 hours. Edit email preferences to add additional email addresses to receive the shipping confirmation or invoice.

Step 5

Apply a quote or promotion number to the "Enter a quote or promotion" field. An alert will appear if a quote number expires during the duration of the series.

Select "Submit recurring order" or "Save the draft for later."

Note: Customers will pay the list price marked on the day of shipment.

Step 6

Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. You can print, download, or share the recurring order details with coworkers who have a account.

Step 7

View status and track order shipments within your account dashboard or via the order lookup tool at

Step 8

You can edit or cancel a shipment provided it is not within 8 days of the shipment date.

After selecting Edit, you can change the shipment date and/or quantity, cancel the item, or cancel the shipment, date provided it is not within 8 days of the shipment date.

When finished making edits, select “Save changes.”

When selecting Cancel, a pop-up will appear that confirms your desire to cancel the order.

Questions? Please email Customer Care at or call 1‑800‑955‑6288, option 8, ext. 46138.