AllType™ FASTplex™ v2: Our HLA Laboratory Experience

ASHI 2021 Symposium

Guest Speaker: Ahmed Mostafa, MD, PhD | St. Paul’s Hospital, Saskatoon, Canada
Recorded at: Our ASHI 2021 Symposium: Adapting Laboratory Diagnostics to a Changing Landscape


Dr. Mostafa’s laboratory wanted to implement next-generation sequencing (NGS) to resolve HLA alleles in transplant patients. They evaluated ~640 HLA alleles with the One Lambda™ AllType™ FASTplex™ v2 NGS Assay, and results obtained were ≥99.8% concordant with those obtained using their usual method. Results obtained with the recommended AllType FASTplex NGS v2 protocol and an alternative protocol AllType FASTplex NGS v2 that omitted DNA purification were 100% concordant, and the laboratory was able to reduce its turnaround time by one full working day.

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