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Treating Sera with Non-Specific Interference in SAB Assays

User Group Meeting 2022

This User Group is not part of the ASHI official educational program, and the sessions and content are not endorsed by ASHI.

Guest speaker: Luis G. Hidalgo, PhD(ABHI)

Presentation title: The Impact of a Novel Treatment on Sera with Non-Specific Interference Observed on Single Antigen Beads

Presentation description: This session explores case studies displaying the impact of a novel serum cleanup reagent on unexpected reaction patterns observed on single antigen beads.


Recorded at: Our 2022 User Group Meeting: Increasing Confidence in Your Virtual Crossmatching

At our User Group Meeting 2022, industry leaders shared case studies that highlighted the impact of incorporating new HLA typing and antibody assays in their lab protocols, including typing kits with a more efficient workflow, antibody panels with comprehensive coverage, and a new reagent that can help clarify challenging cases. The speakers also discussed the implementation and the value these tools delivered in driving improvements for overall patient outcomes.