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AST Circle of Excellence: Recognizing Thermo Fisher Scientific's Commitment to Living Organ Donation

AST Recognizes Thermo Fisher Scientific's Commitment to Living Organ Donation

Our continued dedication to improving patient lives through living organ donation has earned us induction into the Living Donor Circle of Excellence by the American Society of Transplantation (AST). This prestigious corporate recognition program celebrates organizations that actively contribute to breaking down barriers associated with living organ donation. 

How We Are Embracing the Power of Living Donation

The stark reality is that over 88,000 patients in the United States are waiting for a kidney donation, underscoring the critical role that living donors can play in transforming lives. Living donors can give one of their kidneys or part of their liver in a directed donation to a recipient of their choice or choose to become altruistic donors, donating to an unknown recipient on the national waiting list.

Deciding to become a living donor is no small feat—Thermo Fisher Scientific recognizes this and supports its colleagues contemplating becoming living donors. By encompassing living donation within their existing medical disability leave benefits, the company aims to alleviate potential concerns and anxieties. Though currently only available in the U.S., this initiative underscores the company's commitment to its employees' well-being and their role in making a difference.

Transplant Patient Stories of Impact and Inspiration

For those intrigued by the idea of becoming a living donor, we encourage you to explore transplant patient stories through our Patient Advocacy page. This page also serves as a hub of resources for anyone interested in living donation, including access to other organizations dedicated to supporting patients and their families.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AST Circle of Excellence?

The AST Circle of Excellence is a prestigious recognition program that applauds corporations contributing to the advancement of living organ donation.

How does Thermo Fisher support living donors?

We support living donors by including living donation under their existing medical disability leave provisions, offering U.S. colleagues peace of mind.

What is living donation?

Living donation involves individuals voluntarily donating a kidney or part of their liver to a recipient in need, providing an opportunity to save lives while alive.

Can international colleagues benefit from Thermo Fisher's living donation support?

Currently, the living donation benefit is exclusively available to U.S.-based colleagues.

How can I learn more about living donation and Thermo Fisher's initiative?

To learn more about living donation and our initiative, visit our Patient Advocacy page for additional resources and information.