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B-27™ Electrophysiology Kit

Catalog number:  A1413701

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The B-27 Electrophysiology Kit contains Neurobasal Medium, Electro and B-27 Supplement, Electro, both specifically developed to enhance network spike rates in cultured neurons when compared with other media and supplement combinations. Electrophysiology is the fundamental technique to assess such electrical activities to study the functions and dysfunctions in cultured neurons.

Using the B-27 Electrophysiology Kit in your neuronal studies offers:

• Increased synapse densities
• More spontaneous spike rates
• Improved multielectrode array efficiency

More Synapses, More Signal, Simpler Testing
The B-27 Electrophysiology Kit is an improvement to Neurobasal and B-27 combination for cultured networks. Hippocampal and cortical neurons cultured in this media system show an increased density of synapses and neurotransmitter receptors which produce higher spike rates in neural networks, helping to simplifying your study.

Relevant Results for Your Electrophysiology Studies
Using Invitrogen B-27 Electrophysiology Kit, allows you to get more relevant results when studying neuron physiology and the biochemical basis of normal and disease processes. The B-27 Electrophysiology Kit can yield better results in other electrophysiological studies, including neurons used in multielectrode arrays in neurotoxicology and neuropharmacology studies.

For other applications, we offer alternative formulations of B-27 and Neurobasal.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Classification: Serum-Free
Product Line: Gibco®
Serum Level: Serum-Free
Cell Type: Neuronal Cells (Pre-Natal)
Culture Type: Adherent Cell Culture
Sterility: Sterile

Contents & storage

B-27 Supplement, Electro (A14097-01)
Store at -5°C to -20°C

Neurobasal Media, Electro (A14098-01)
Store at 2°C to 8°C