1 Sep 2022

Divide Full Data Volume into Defined Sub-Volume Blocks for Label Analysis

This Xtra demonstrates how to use the Arithmetic module to divide a whole volume data into defined sub-volume blocks and then perform label analysis on the blocks.


This Xtra contains:

  • a PDF tutorial file explaining the workflow,
  • a project (VolumeBlocks_40x40x40.hx) reproducing step by step the tutorial,
  • a recipe (VolumeBlocks_40x40x40.hxrecipe) automating the workflow.

The tutorial data "10mc3_200.vol.am" is composed of 200x200x200 voxels. In this tutorial, it will be sub-divided into smaller blocks of 40x40x40 voxels.

Note: isotropic sub-volume blocks (NxNxN voxels, where N=40) are generated in this example but this tutorial also explains how the same technique can be used to generate anisotropic sub-volume blocks of MxNxP voxels.

Learn more about the Arithmetic module from the dedicated Xtra tutorial series.