We offer an extensive line of SYBR dye products to meet your needs for both real-time PCR and nucleic acid staining applications.

Real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is the ability to monitor the progress of the PCR as it occurs (i.e., in real time). Data are therefore collected throughout the PCR process, rather than at the end of the PCR. This revolutionizes the way one approaches PCR-based quantitation of DNA and RNA.

SYBR dyes are one of the best high-sensitivity reagents for staining DNA and RNA in electrophoretic gels. These gel stains offer greater sensitivity with lower background fluorescence than the conventional gel stain, ethidium bromide.

We provide a full line of SYBR products for all of your gene expression applications.

Real-time PCR reagents

SYBR Select Master Mix


SYBR Select Master Mix is a superior and cost-effective solution for your real-time PCR applications.

  • Specific—minimize primer-dimer and non-specific amplication
  • Reproducible and sensitive—consistent amplification across a wide dynamic range
  • Bright—contains SYBR GreenER dye for maximum brightness
  • Carry-over contamination control—contains heat-labile UDG

Fast SYBR Green


Designed for speed, Fast SYBR Green reagents are designed to deliver highly sensitive and reproducible real-time PCR results typically in less than half the time when used with Applied Biosystems fast-enabled-real-time PCR instruments. Fast SYBR Green reagents use AmpliTaq Fast DNA Polymerase, UP, thus minimizing nonspecific product formation with fast real-time PCR.

Power SYBR Green Reagents


Polymerase, LD, which offers high levels of specificity and reproducibility with standard real-time PCR.

SYBR Green Reagents


SYBR Green PCR reagents use AmpliTaq Gold DNA Polymerase for standard real-time PCR applications.

Fluorescent nucleic acid stains


SYBR Safe Stain
A safer, smarter alternative to ethidium bromide

  • Better for you
  • Better for your institution
  • Better for your samples