Below, you will find a collection of customer testimonials of our 3D data visualization and analysis software. These testimonials show how Thermo Scientific Amira-Avizo Software and PerGeos Software are used to address various scientific and industrial research topics.

The Department of Infectious Diseases, Virology, of Heidelberg University uses Amira Software to characterize the replication cycle of SARS-CoV-2 inside host cells
"Amira Software is particularly well suited to interpret the complexity of structurally rich electron tomography data and to better convey the information to a broad scientific audience. Advanced post-processing algorithms that are optimized for EM data help to reduce noise and enhance features of interest, like intracellular membranes. This is particularly useful for cryo-EM data, where the contrast is lower than in heavy metal-stained samples." 

Institute of Crystallography of CNR in Bari and ENEA uses Avizo Software to perform porosity analysis of CFRP-based composites
"Avizo Software has permitted us to obtain not only the 3D volume rendering of the entire analyzed object, but also, by using specific image processing and analyses, the individuation and the label voids/pores in the region of interest and the determination of their volume, whose data have been needed to evaluate the total object porosity."

UZ Leuven uses Amira Software for postoperative evaluation of orthognathic patients
"We will focus on postoperative evaluation of orthognathic patients to quantify the accuracy of the surgical outcome of bimaxillary surgeries by comparing it to the 3D virtual preoperative planning."

The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) uses Avizo Software to quantify potential defects in additively manufactured samples
"The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) uses X-ray Computed Tomography (XCT) and 3D image segmentation techniques to quantify the size, morphology and distribution of defects in EBM samples."

Unilever uses Avizo Software to visualize and understand food and detergent structures
"Avizo Software is very powerful to handle large data sets. It provides a viewer with a real sense of the structure. Avizo Software offers powerful tools for our applications, especially the interactive cropping tool and segmentation editor. "

GEVES uses Avizo Software to study and control plant seeds
"This procedure includes also the detection and quantification of cracks. This analysis addresses issues related to physical and germination seed quality, including industrial processes, treatment products, but also as part of the varietal characterization."

The Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology uses Amira Software for axon tracing from head to toe
"As a long term Amira Software user, Ertürk trusted the system , with its filament tracing and visualization features, to be the tool of choice. Using Amira Software's skeletonization modules and filament editing tools, he succeeded in tracing axons from the spinal cord lesion site to their dorsal root ganglions, thereby validating that they were derived from neurons whose peripheral axon had been cut. The tracing of axons up to their tip shows the great potential of 3D imaging to clearly distinguish regenerated axons from unharmed axons , all at a resolution of traditional histology methods."

The London Centre for Nanotechnology uses Avizo Software to reveal structure of human chromosomes and nucleus in 3D
"With the professionally aided processing and analysis, including the visualization features, skeletonization algorithm and quantitative modules from Avizo Software, Dr. Bo Chen and the team dove into the 3D structure of the nucleus and chromosomes. By using Avizo Software, the team dissected the nucleus and gained the information about its spatial organization. They found that the chromosomes are not only X-shaped, but also S-shaped and C- shaped, and that the larger chromosomes were more likely to be in an S-shape or C-shape, whereas the smaller chromosomes tend to be the familiar X-shape."

UCSF School of Dentistry uses Avizo Software to extract changes in periodontal ligament space and tooth movement due to orthodontic therapy
"The insertion of orthodontic braces changes the forces acting at the cementum-ligament and bone-ligament entheses, and induces orthodontic tooth movement. In this article, we analyze physical movement of teeth due to orthodontic braces commonly placed in humans to facilitate favorable occlusion. "

SIK-ISEA uses Avizo Software to understand 19th century painting techniques
"The 3D tomographic data sets are being studied using the Avizo Software, which enables visualization and quantitative analysis of the data sets by providing appropriate filtering algorithms and advanced segmentation tools."

University of Washington researchers use Amira Software towards aiding the pathology of pancreatic cancer
"Amira Software permits our original optical dataset to be completely loaded into its software package at full resolution, where object manipulation is easy and rapid for initial tissue interrogation studies. The software additionally renders the entire volume of the biopsy and allows our team to threshold the reconstructed data for specific investigations involving whole tissue staining."

KTH Royal Institute of Technology uses Avizo Software to visualize and characterize the internal structure of civil engineering materials
"KTH Royal Institute of Technology uses Avizo Software to visualize and characterize the internal structure of asphalt based on X-ray micro-CT data. Avizo Software is used to measure the stone size distribution and orientation in asphalt mixtures, distribution and geometry of the contact zones between stones, as well as binder and air void distribution. Stones and stone-to-stone contacts provide a primary load carrying mechanism in compression and shear, especially at high temperatures. These parameters define to a greater extent the stone skeleton strength and its susceptibility to aggregate breakage and permanent deformation of asphalt mixture."

University of Glasgow uses Amira software to analyze vascular structures
"Researcher at the University of Glasgow have been using Amira Software since version 2.3 following a demonstration of the software at an event hosted by Silicon Graphics in the Glasgow Science Center. It was clear that the system offered significant advantages over other available software at the time. To this day, Amira Software continues to offer unique functionality that is essential to the work-flow in the College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences."

L4iS uses Avizo Software to analyze 3D images from laser ablation tomography
"Avizo 3D Software advanced image processing and analysis modules are used in combination with L4IS' LAT scans to get great understanding of data structure, analyze and quantify its components. The visually striking virtual model reconstruction and advanced measurements allow for better insight into the data, leading researcher to faster scientific discovery."

AMSC Research, LLC uses Amira Software to understand processes and rituals of Egyptian mummificationa
"Elias uses Amira Software to analyze scan data. Mummies are biological entities, so apart from the usual forensic side of things (features having to do with skin and bone), they also have cultural elements that relate to their chronology and social significance. [...] Elias has come to favor the Amira [Software] system because of its intuitive design. It accepts large data sets quite easily, and furnishes a wide range of optical controls which are versatile and sensitive. These features greatly speed up the discovery process. It makes research so much more colorful and interesting, which translates into powerful teaching media."

The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago uses Amira Software to visualize and analyze Egyptian mummified birds
"With this specimen, careful segmentation in Amira Software was the essential key for visualization of the mummy's interior and identification of the bird. Here, the low calcification proved challenging during the segmentation process. Once the segmentation was completed, Amira Software's crisp surface rendering allowed further analysis and identification."

The University of Birmingham uses Avizo Software to explore the North Sea as it was 10,000 years ago
"Avizo Software is a fundamental tool that provides new opportunities for data comprehension and exploration through its visualization and quantification tools. As a result of data capture, vast amounts of data are produced which contain detailed information for research such as the North Sea Palaeolandscapes project. Avizo Software enables visualization and analysis of entire landscapes, something which was previously impossible."

DKRZ uses Avizo Software to visualize and understand weather and climate
"Avizo Software offers a wide range of state-of-the-art visualization methods as well as advanced methods and features such as line integral convolution, illuminated streamlines and particle advection for visualizing vector fields like wind and ocean currents. With Avizo Software, visualizations can easily be ported to VR equipment such as DKRZ's VR-Powerwall or autostereoscopic displays."

Taiwan Typhoon and Flood Research Institute uses Avizo Software for typhoon quantitative precipitation estimation and forecast
"To interactively explore the forecast results, TTFRI chose the Avizo Software as it generates eye-catching pictures and movies with 3D effects that attract audience's attention and greatly facilitates results presentation. We generate movies and figures to show special or severe cases to the public, highlighting and explaining heavy precipitations, fierce winds, etc."

KISTI uses Avizo Software to visualize and understand simulation data on VR systems
"The KSC team has selected Avizo Software for the LARD environment development. Avizo Software is the ideal software for 3D visualization and analysis of simulation data and is the perfect tool for the visualization on immersive VR systems and large multi-screen configurations. More than a simple application, Avizo [Software] is a 3D software framework, which makes customization and in-house development possible. This has been really useful for the KSC team. KSC also deployed DirectViz, a powerful extension providing real-time realistic 3D rendering."

Royal DSM uses Avizo Software for glass fiber length and orientation analysis of reinforced polymers (GFRP)
"Using the Avizo Software XFiber extension, length, curvature, and orientation of each fiber can be determined. Fiber length distributions are directly coupled to mechanical properties and obtaining these distributions validates the structural models and can help in identifying irregularities concerning flow and distribution."

FAMU uses Avizo Software to visualize and understand heat transfer and fluid flow
"With the added benefit of the mesh generation functionality in Avizo Software, the user is able to generate a volumetric grid within the object to be imported directly into the CFD software rather than using a separate external gridding program. Another major benefit of Avizo Software is the simplicity of the 3D image reconstruction. "



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