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Comprehensive solutions for gene expression profiling, validation, and screening

Gene expression profiling simultaneously compares the expression levels of many genes between two or more sample types. This analysis can help scientists identify the molecular basis for phenotypic differences and select gene expression targets for in-depth study using other technologies. Gene expression profiling provides valuable insight into the role of differential gene expression in normal biological and disease processes.

Comprehensive solutions for gene expression profiling, validation, and screening are supported by sequencing and real-time PCR technologies. For the discovery of differentially expressed genes (DEGs), transcriptome sequencing provides a hypothesis-neutral approach that allows interrogation of any genes in the sample, with a wide dynamic range to allow differential gene expression analysis of low-expressing genes. DEGs can be validated using mid-throughput real-time PCR formats such as OpenArray® and TaqMan® Array Cards and resulting genes of interest can be quantified more precisely by digital PCR or real-time PCR with TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays. Screening experiments can also be performed to further examine the behavior of these genes across a larger population of samples.

Gene expression profiling solutions:

Transcriptome sequencing by next-generation sequencing enables the discovery of differentially expressed genes using a hypothesis-neutral approach. Sanger sequencing methods can also be used for gene expression profiling and analysis.

Digital PCR enables highly precise measurements and is able to resolve gene expression level changes of two-fold or less.  Digital PCR can also determine the absolute quantification of a transcript without the need for a reference gene.

Real-time PCR is the gold-standard technique for validation of differential gene expression profiles. Our comprehensive offering of TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays and flexible formats enable fast and cost-effective results.

Data analysis tools that transform raw data to informative results are critical for the quick and comprehensive understanding of the biological significance of gene expression data. 

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