RNA Sequencing

A detailed understanding of the RNA content (both coding and noncoding) in a given cell or cell sample is invaluable for understanding differential expression in normal and disease processes. Research using RNA Sequencing(RNA-Seq) approaches helps avoid some of the weaknesses associated with using microarrays for RNA profiling. It gives a more quantitative view of the RNA population within a cell (by providing higher sensitivity and a broader dynamic range) and a hypothesis-neutral approach. Interrogate a cell's whole transcriptome, small RNA content, or gene expression profile, using the RNA sequencing solution right for you.

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RNA sequencing with Ion Torrent™ NGS technology

From targeted gene expression analysis to whole transcriptome sequencing, Ion Torrent™ products combine simple sample preparation and intuitive data analysis to deliver a comprehensive RNA sequencing solution.

From gene expression of known targets to whole transcriptome sequencing for discovery

Targeted RNA sequencing

Gene expression profiling of a panel of known transcripts, including gene fusion detection and quantitation

Small RNA sequencing

Analysis of known and novel small RNA (including miRNA) transcripts.

Targeted transcriptome sequencing

Gene level expression for RefSeq transcripts starting with just 10 ng RNA and FFPE-friendly sample preparation

Whole transcriptome sequencing

Identification and quantification of known and novel transcripts, including gene fusions and splice variants

Strand-specific, hypothesis-free whole transcriptome analysis enables identification and quantification of both known and novel transcripts with a greater quantitative linear dynamic range compared to microarray technology. The Ion Proton™ System, combined with Ambion® RNA purification and Ion Torrent™ library construction kits, offers a reliable sequencing workflow that combines simple sample preparation and intuitive data analysis for your whole transcriptome sequencing.

Whole transcriptome sequencing is great for discovery, but not necessarily ideal for traditional gene expression assays. Take advantage of the speed and increased sensitivity of next-generation sequencing (NGS) while keeping sample preparation and data analysis simple with the Ion AmpliSeq™ Transcriptome Solution.  Target >20,000 RefSeq transcripts using as little as 10 ng RNA input with fast and formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE)-compatible sample preparation, sequencing, and data analysis workflows for simple gene-level expression analysis.

The Ion PGM™ and Ion Proton™ systems provide sequencing-based analysis of all known and novel small RNA transcripts, such as microRNA (miRNA), short interfering RNA (siRNA), and piwi-interacting RNA (piRNA), in a strand-specific, hypothesis-free fashion.

Researchers employ targeted sequencing as a rapid and cost-effective alternative to whole genome or transcriptome sequencing by focusing on selected sets of genes or genomic regions. Targeted RNA sequencing using Ion AmpliSeq™ technology is a sequencing-based gene expression profiling method that allows quantification of messenger RNA (mRNA) or targeted non-coding RNA (ncRNA) levels with very low amounts of input total RNA: 500 pg of unfixed RNA or 5 ng of RNA isolated from FFPE samples.

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