TaqMan Assay

Applied Biosystems TaqMan Arrays contain TaqMan Gene Expression Assays dried down in three array formats: 96- and 384-well TaqMan Array plates, 384-well TaqMan Array cards (microfluidic cards), and OpenArray plates. These qPCR arrays are ideal for gene expression profiling and verification applications that require the analysis of tens to thousands of targets.  

Regardless of which format you choose, there is a broad selection of content options available, including inventoried (preconfigured), made-to-order flexible, custom, and specialty designed arrays.

TaqMan Array content options


We offer a number of preconfigured, off-the-shelf, 96-well plates or 384-well microfluidic cards that feature the most popular TaqMan Gene Expression assays targeting relevant genes for specific biological pathways, processes, or diseases. The advantage of these panels is they ship in 1–2 days and you can order as few as one plate or 2–4 cards.

Use the TaqMan Assay search tool below to search TaqMan Array cards or plates, or browse the complete list of our inventoried TaqMan arrays below ›

Flexible (made-to-order)

If you don’t want to design your panel from scratch, our flexible content TaqMan Arrays are the perfect choice. Start by selecting a panel of commonly studied pathways, diseases, biological processes, or cellular functions (human, mouse, or rat). Each panel is pre-populated with expertly chosen assays and serves as a starting point for modification using our simple online configuration tool.  Within the tool, you can easily swap out genes of interest, reposition assays, or change the layout to fit your experimental design. Minimum order quantity is 6 plates or 10 cards.

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Customized cards and plates allow you to configure your panel from scratch choosing from any of our 2.8 million predesigned TaqMan Gene Expression assays.  Upload your assay list and our simple-to-use online configuration tool makes it as easy as dragging and dropping your assay. Minimum order quantity is 6 plates or 10 cards.

Configure Custom TaqMan Array plate (96-well 0.1 mL or 0.2 mL) ›
Configure Custom TaqMan Array card (384-well) ›
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Need a custom TaqMan Array that includes custom TaqMan Gene Expression assays, TaqMan SNP Genotyping assays, TaqMan Copy Number assays, TaqMan miRNA assays, or a combination of assay types? The Specialty TaqMan plating service provides TaqMan Assays in 96- or 384-well plates, or 384-well microfluidic cards configured to your specifications.

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Not sure what format to use?

Flexible, made-to-order TaqMan Arrays

  • Curated list of suggested assays preloaded to get you started
  • Can modify as needed
Sample flexible
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Custom TaqMan Arrays

  • Start with a blank slate
  • Load any predesigned TaqMan Gene Expression Assay
Sample custom
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Instrument compatibility table

Product format/ instrumentQuantStudio 3QuantStudio 5QuantStudio 6QuantStudio 7QuantStudio 12k FlexStepOne Plus75007500FastViia7
96-well plate, standard***  
96-well plate, Fast*** 
384-well plate **   
Microfluidic cards (TaqMan Array card)      

* QuantStudio 3 comes with either a 96-well standard OR 96-well fast block
** QuantStudio 5 comes with either a 96-well standard, 96-well fast block OR 384-well block

TaqMan Array Plates on Bio-Rad CFX Connect and CFX96 Touch instruments

Did you know that TaqMan Array plates are compatible with Bio-Rad instruments?  It’s true.

Amplification curves from the TaqMan Array Human Endogenous Controls Plate
Ct concordance data from the TaqMan Array Human Endogenous Controls Plate

How to order TaqMan Array plates based on the model and block of your Bio-Rad instrument

BioRad CFX Connect/CFX96 Touch 0.1 -mL blocks are compatible with our Fast 0.1 -mL 96-well TaqMan Array plates, and are available in all three formats: custom, made-to-order flexible, and inventoried panels.

Learn more about running TaqMan Assays on your Bio-Rad instrument ›
View and download a list of TaqMan Array products comparable to Bio-Rad PrimePCR arrays ›

All other BioRad instruments/blocks are compatible with Specialty TaqMan Array plates, 96-well and 384-well. Contact our Specialty Plating team for more information. If you are still unsure of what product to use contact Technical Support.

Inventoried TaqMan arrays