TrueMark OpenArray Real-Time PCR Plates deliver world-class TaqMan Assays in a more flexible, 3,072-reaction high-throughput real-time PCR plate. Five customizable formats give you unmatched flexibility to select from thousands of predesigned TaqMan assays to be pre-loaded onto OpenArray Plates. The OpenArray Real-Time PCR System enables over 8,000 real-time PCR assays to be run simultaneously to generate 32,000+ qPCR data points per day.

We offer two configurations for TrueMark OpenArray real-time PCR plates:

Simple workflow

TrueMark OpenArray Real-Time PCR Plates are delivered pre-loaded with your choice of inventoried TaqMan Gene Expression Assays in your choice of formats. Simply mix your sample and master mix, load onto the OpenArray Plate, seal, cycle and image. The OpenArray Real-Time PCR System’s workflow enables one person to validate or screen up to 576 samples in one day without the use of robotics.

The OpenArray System is ideal for academic research; AgBio, validating complex disease associations, marker-assisted breeding; and pharmaceutical target profiling and screening, as well as other studies requiring large sample sizes, high performance and reproducibility. Data analyses include standard curve and relative gene expression.