Ideal Screening Technology

TaqMan™ Array Plates are ideal for screening biomarkers and toxicology panels, and for analyzing pathways, target classes, and complete disease sets using real-time PCR. TaqMan Array Plates are easy and economical to use because they do not require liquid-handling robotics, and offer standardized results with low variability across many users and laboratories.

Custom TaqMan Array plates

Your choice of TaqMan Gene Expression Assays pre-loaded and dried in standard 0.2-mL or Fast 0.1-mL 96-well plates.

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Fixed Content TaqMan Array plates

Sets of pre-selected TaqMan Assays relevant for specific pathways, biomarker sets, or disease states in 96-well plate format.

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Custom TaqMan Array Plates with RFID

These plates add “smart” features to our custom TaqMan array plates eliminating the need to manually upload plate and assay information to your experiment file. They are compatible with the QuantStudio 6/7 Pro Real Time PCR System and currently available in 96 well standard formats.

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Flexible Content TaqMan Array plates

These plates contain a panel of preselected TaqMan Assays relevant to specific pathways or disease states, that can be modified and customized to your needs. They are available in 96-well standard and fast formats.

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Specialty TaqMan plating service

Contact our Specialty Plating team for 384-well TaqMan Array plates and 96-well plates containing custom assays.

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