Gene Expression Assays
  • Designed to detect virtually any transcript, with more than 2.8 million predesigned assays
  • Best-coverage assays available to detect the highest number of transcript variants possible
  • Available for over 30 species and some microbial pathogens
  • Don't waste precious time optimizing your SYBR primers—get results faster with proven TaqMan qPCR chemistry

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Predesigned TaqMan Gene Expression Assay types

TaqMan Gene Expression Assays

The largest collection of qPCR gene expression assays. Detect virtually any mRNA transcript in human, mouse, rat, and nearly 30 other model organisms.

TaqMan Endogenous Control Assays

A convenient collection of TaqMan Gene Expression Assays targeting common endogenous control candidates. Normalization to endogenous control genes is currently the most accurate method to correct for potential biases present in RNA or DNA samples.

Duplexing TaqMan Gene Expression Assays

Learn how to easily order both FAM and VIC-labeled TaqMan Gene Expression Assays to enable simultaneous detection of both your endogenous control and gene-of-interest.

TaqMan Non-Coding RNA Assays

An exclusive set of TaqMan Gene Expression Assays targeting long non-coding RNA transcripts. Stringent assay design criteria produce assays that detect only non-coding transcripts even when coding transcripts are present at the same locus.

TaqMan Marker & Reporter Assays

A collection of TaqMan Gene Expression Assays enabling detection and quantitation of DNA or RNA sequences encoding common marker and reporter proteins, such as green fluorescent protein (GFP).

TaqMan Fusion Assays

A specialized set of TaqMan Gene Expression Assays designed to detect rare fusion transcripts that underlie certain cancers.