The Applied Biosystems TaqMan Array Card (TAC) provides the gold-standard performance of our probe-based TaqMan Assays in an easy and efficient mid- to high-throughput format adoptable by any lab. Experimental throughput in research laboratories continues to increase, and so does the need for simple and efficient ways to run tests. Researchers are often left to choose between cumbersome, time-consuming manual approaches and costly automation. TaqMan Array cards provide an alternative that enables highly reproducible and sensitive results with higher throughput, without the expense of liquid-handling robotics or error potential of excessive pipetting.

The TaqMan Array Card is a 384-well microfluidic card designed to perform up to 384 simultaneous real-time PCR (qPCR) reactions and can support 1–8 samples, 11–380 assay targets, and 1–4 replicates per card. There are four content options available, including inventoried (preconfigured), made-to-order flexible, custom, or specialty designed arrays. Regardless of which configuration you choose, the cards arrive pre-aliquoted with the selected dried-down TaqMan Assays (primers and probe sets)—the only step left is to add your sample and master mix.

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Why choose TaqMan Array cards for your research?

Widely cited in publications, TaqMan Array cards are ideal for medium-to-high throughput validation and profiling studies, whether you are researching cancer, stem cells, inflammation, or infectious diseases. Use the cards to validate tens or hundreds of initial hits generated from microarrays or next-generation sequencing, or use TACs for screening biomarkers and toxicology panels or analyzing pathways, target classes, and complete disease sets.

Benefits of using TaqMan Array cards include:
  • Easy and rapid setup—load 384 wells in approximately 10 minutes, without expensive liquid-handling robotics or multi-channel pipettors
  • Cost effective—use less master mix and help stretch your limited samples using 5X less sample volume; ideal for low-expressing genes or precious samples
  • Flexible format designs—choose from preconfigured panels or a full custom design
  • Simple data analysis—analyze rapidly and accurately across a large number of genes and samples, and compare multiple cards using software within our Connect cloud-based platform

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to load a TaqMan Array Card, featuring Nathan Zuzow, PhD, Field Application Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Versatile formats and applications

While used extensively in gene expression applications, TaqMan Array cards are also available for additional applications as shown here:

Gene Expression

Advanced miRNA


SNP Genotyping

Copy Number

Mutation Detection
Flexible, MTO     


Preconfigured, off-the-shelf cards containing a set of curated TaqMan Assays relevant for specific pathways, biomarker sets, or disease states.

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Flexible (made-to-order)

Select a preconfigured pathway panel then modify assay content to suit your needs.

Explore a list of flexible, made-to-order cards or use the easy search tool below.


Configure your card from scratch using our simple online tool and choose from > 2.8 million predesigned TaqMan Gene Expression or microRNA assays.  

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Configure a
custom TAC ›


Custom design your card using any combination of GEX, SNP, CNV, miRNA, and custom assays, configured to your specifications.

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Search for inventoried and flexible (made-to-order) TaqMan Array Cards

Dispense 100 μL of nucleic acid and master mix into each fill portCentrifuge the TaqMan Array cards for 2 minutesSeal off the main channels with the sealer and cut the stripPerform amplification and analysis on a compatible Applied Biosystems qPCR system

Flexible, made-to-order TaqMan Array cards

  • Curated list of suggested assays preloaded to get you started
  • Can modify as needed

Custom TaqMan Array cards

  • Start with a blank slate
  • Load any predesigned TaqMan Gene Expression Assay