Applied Biosystems Custom TaqMan Array cards offer the same convenience as our inventoried or flexible TaqMan Array cards, with the ability to customize your design. Choose from more than 2.8 million predesigned TaqMan Gene Expression assays covering 32 species, then use our simple, online configuration tool to position your genes of interest in your desired layout.

Available in 10 content formats, TaqMan Array cards (TACs) can support 1–8 samples, 11–380 assay targets, and 1–4 replicates per card. Easily configure the card by simply dragging and dropping the assays where you want them. Since the cards already contain the selected dried-down primers and probe sets (assays), the only step left is to add your sample and master mix.

  • Customizable—use our online ordering tool to select assays, replicates, controls, and more
  • Efficient—with only 8 ports, load up to 384 wells in less than 5 minutes without liquid-handling robots or multi-channel pipettors
  • Cost effective—uses less master mix than single tube assays or array plates
  • Easy analysis—compare and analyze multiple cards using our Connect cloud-based platform
  • Master mix—we recommend TaqMan Fast Advanced Master Mix for all TaqMan Gene Expression arrays

Order Custom TaqMan Array cards

  • cDNA quantity: 30 ng–1 µg per port
  • Run time: <40 min or ~2 hrs depending on master mix
  • Custom PreAmp pool available (Cat. No. 4441856)

Configure card

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Adding endogenous controls

All custom TACs contain a manufacturing control position.  This position is used during our manufacturing quality processes; however, this assay can also be used as an endogenous control. 18S (Hs99999901_s1) is a manufacturing control choice for all designs, while human GAPDH (Hs99999905_m1) can be chosen for designs containing human and/or microbe detection assays. Adding 1–2 more candidate endogenous control assays to your card is recommended, as 18S and GAPDH are not suitable endogenous controls in all experiments.

Need more flexibility?

Use our Specialty Plating Service if you need TaqMan Array cards populated with custom TaqMan Assays, a combination of predesigned and custom TaqMan Assays, or if you want a layout not supported by our online configurator tool. 

All TaqMan Assay types are supported: gene expression, Advanced miRNA, classic chemistry miRNA, SNP genotyping, DME, copy number variation, and mutation detection.

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Downloading array layout files

TaqMan Array files can be directly applied to your plate setup for any QuantStudio Real-Time system while using the new Design & Analysis (DA2) app on Connect, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s cloud-based platform, and for the QuantStudio 6 and 7 Pro systems using the Design & Analysis desktop software version 2.3 or later.

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FormatCat. No.No. of assays / replicatedNo. of
No. of controlsMin.
124342247 11 / 48110
164346798 15 / 38110
244342249 23 / 28110
324346799 31 / 34110
484342253 47 / 18110
644346800 63 / 32110
96a4342259 95 / 14110
96b4342261 95 / 22110
1924346802 191 / 21110
3844342265 380 / 11410

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.