The Custom TaqMan® Array Card is a 384-well microfluidic card designed to perform 384 simultaneous real-time PCR (qPCR) reactions without using liquid-handling robots or multichannel pipettors to fill the card. This format allows for 1–8 samples to be run in parallel against 12–384 TaqMan® Gene Expression Assay targets that are pre-loaded into each of the wells on the card.

  • Design a Custom TaqMan® Array Card to meet your specific need
  • Load 384 wells in less than five minutes without liquid-handling robots or multi-channel pipettors
  • Validate all of the “interesting” hits from a microarray experiment quickly and economically 
  • Standardize the screening of gene panels across many samples and laboratories

How to Order

Select the TaqMan® Array Card format for your experiment, and have it pre-loaded with your selected assays in each reaction well. Choose 12–384 target assays from over 50,000 inventoried TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays covering human, mouse, and rat genes. Ordering is easy with the Custom TaqMan® Array Card configuration tool to help you search and select genes and assays for real-time PCR quantification.

Custom TaqMan® Array Card configuration tool

Ideal screening technology

TaqMan® Array Cards are ideal for screening biomarkers and toxicology panels and for analyzing pathways, target classes, and complete disease sets. TaqMan® Array Cards provide standardized results with low variability across many users and laboratories.

Simple and Straightforward Loading

Using the TaqMan® Array Card is simple. Each card has 8 sample-loading ports which each connect to a set of 48 reaction wells. Simply pipette your sample pre-mixed with TaqMan® Fast Advanced Master Mix into each port and centrifuge. Within minutes, your card is ready to run on an Applied Biosystems® 7900HT, ViiA™ 7, QuantStudio™ 7, or QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System.

Ultimate Microarray Validation Tool

TaqMan® Array Cards are great tools for validating the 10's or 100's of “interesting” hits that come from microarray experiments because TaqMan® Array Cards can be customized to include up to 384 of those hits in one easy-to-use card. Using individual assays—even SYBR® Green Dye I-based assays—make validations of this magnitude unmanageable and expensive.