Custom Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ Expression Assays are the custom version of our predesigned real-time PCR 5' nuclease TaqMan Assays for relative quantification of RNA expression. Simply provide us with your target sequence of interest, or submit primer/probe sequences of your own design, and soon you'll be ready to perform RNA expression studies on any coding or non-coding RNA in any organism.

How to Order

  1. Review our Design and Ordering Guide (PDF) for best results.
  2. Use the Custom TaqMan® Assay Design Tool to input sequences, submit for design, and order Custom Assays.

Each custom assay is a mix of forward primer, reverse primer, and FAM™ dye-labeled TaqMan® MGB probe. Designed to run under universal oligo concentration and thermal cycling conditions for two-step RT-PCR, these assays are simple to use. Just add TaqMan® Master Mix and your cDNA sample to generate sensitive, reproducible, and truly quantitative RNA expression data.

Custom TaqMan® Assay Design Tool

Comparison of Custom and Custom Plus TaqMan Gene Expression
Assay products

There are two custom assay options to meet your RNA research needs: Custom TaqMan Gene Expression Assays and Custom Plus Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ RNA Assays. Both allow you to submit a target sequence to our TaqMan Assay design pipeline, which uses your input sequence to design custom primer and probe sequences. See the key differences between the two options below:

Feature Custom Plus TaqMan RNA Assays Custom TaqMan Gene Expression Assays
Bioinformatic analysis performed on input target sequences  
In silico QC performed on assay sequences  
Specificity option for gene-level or transcript-level detection  
Contains TaqMan FAM-MGB probe and 2 unlabeled primers
Runs under universal thermal cycling conditions
Assay sequences provided  
Available for any species *Available for any species with genome information in our database
Automatic check for predesigned TaqMan Assays which may detect input sequence

Custom Plus TaqMan RNA Assays are designed using the full bioinformatic power of the TaqMan Assay design pipeline, which uses proprietary algorithms that have generated millions of assay designs and is regarded as the benchmark in the industry for qPCR design. If you do not need bioinformatics or QC checks performed on your sequences, then our standard Custom TaqMan Gene Expression Assays will meet your needs.

Easy Ordering

Target sequence submission is easy using the Custom TaqMan® Assay Design Tool (CADT). Simply select your bioinformatic analysis and assay specificity preferences, and enter your target sequence. Sequence submissions are completely confidential; we will not share your target sequences or assay sequences with any third parties.

If you do not have a pre-defined input sequence, the CADT will help you to search for sequences by keyword (gene symbol, accession number, etc.) or by genomic location in a broad range of the most popular and well-studied model species ranging from human and mouse to pig, dog, cow, Arabidopsis, and more.

Custom TaqMan® Assay Design Tool

Ordering information
Sku Product Name Size
4331348Custom TaqMan® Gene Expression Assay, SM360 reactions, 20x
4332078Custom TaqMan® Gene Expression Assay, MED750 reactions, 20x
4332079Custom TaqMan® Gene Expression Assay, LG2900 reactions, 60x
4441114Custom Plus TaqMan® RNA Assay, SM360 reactions, 20x
4441117Custom Plus TaqMan® RNA Assay, MED750 reactions, 20x
4441118Custom Plus TaqMan® RNA Assay, LG2900 reactions, 60x
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