Please note: This download page has recently been updated to serve you better. Sales order numbers are no longer required to retrieve custom files, just a lot number. Individual plate files for all inventoried OpenArray panels are now also retrievable.

In order to process TaqMan® OpenArray® Plates and/or Panels on the OpenArray® Real-Time PCR System you need to download the specific plate files that correspond to your recent order.

For genotyping applications, download and use SNP Plate Files (SPF).  For real-time gene expression applications, download and use Transcript Plate Files (TPF). You can also download Assay Information Files (AIF) specific to your OpenArray® Plates.

To learn more about the download options available, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below.


General OpenArray® experiment files

Templates and instructions to prepare OpenArray fixed content panel plate files
Since each inventoried offering has a consistent configuration of targets, EDT template files may be used on the QuantStudio™ 12K Flex System in place of individual SPF/TPF files.  Files are provided here for the following fixed content OpenArray® panels.  Additional templates (ex: miRNA) can be found in your QuantStudio® 12K Flex Software folder. These are provided for the following fixed content panels:

  • Human Kinome
  • Human Cancer
  • Human Stem Cell
  • Human Signal Transduction
  • Human Inflammation
  • Mouse Inflammation
  • Gene Expression Starter Kit
  • Genotyping Genetic Barcode 60
  • Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Express (60 target panel)
  • Vaginal Microbiota Training Plate

Step 1: Download the set of EDT files and save to desired location.
Download the EDT files

Step 2: Open the QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Software.

Step 3: Create a new file from template. Navigate to folder containing the saved template files and choose the EDT file of interest.

Step 4: Enter the barcode of the OpenArray® plate in the software where it says 'Please Set Barcode'. This field can be found on the Setup-> Experiment Properties page at the top-right.

Step 5: Save as an EDS file. File is now ready to use.

Note: If using the TaqMan® OpenArray® Real-Time instrument: Please contact your field service or sales rep for proper plate files.

AIF information for genotyping pathway panels
Assay Information Files (AIFs) are also provided for use with the TaqMan® Genotyper software . Use download link below for general AIF files. These are compatible with the Pharmacogenomics and Genetic Barcode Panels.
Download the AIF files

Protocol and templates to load sample and assay on QuantStudio™OpenArray® Digital PCR Plates
Using the QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System with the OpenArray® Block and digital PCR plates, you have great flexibility for running assays of your choice with a variety of sample types. QuantStudio™ OpenArray® Digital PCR Plates contain 48 empty subarrays where a unique combination of sample and assay can be combined and filled using the AccuFill™ System. With designated template files for QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Software, you can run three samples per subarray. With this technique, you can achieve 16 replicates per sample/assay combination for a genotyping or gene expression experiment, providing the precision you need.

Download the protocol

Download the templates

Frequently Asked Questions

Both the lot number and the serial number required for entry into the download tool can be found on the label that accompanies your OpenArray® Plate. Enter that exact information into the appropriate required fields.

The serial number is also etched on the surface of the OpenArray® plate. The serial number can also be referred to as the plate ID or plate barcode within our software and other documents.

In unique cases, the plate files may not be available on our download page. Please contact for direct assistance. In most cases, our service desk will respond within 1 business day.

By choosing to receive all available plate files, you will receive all plate files that were generated by our system for that particular lot. With our workflow, there can be many files generated even if there are just a few plates in your custom order. You can simply use the files that are relevant to the serial numbers that you actually received. All files associated with the lot number provided will be identical in configuration.

Either option will allow you to start your experiment. Many customers find it easier to quickly create their files as needed off-line using the templates. This option is also a useful alternative if you have difficulty accessing your individual plate files. For larger orders, using the specific SPF/TPF files saves some time since there is no need to manually create each plate file.

The plate files for these products are available through the above download tool. Simply enter the serial # for your plate in the entry fields and click submit.

So that you can start using your OpenArray® plates as soon as possible, arrangements are often made to ship large orders in several installments. Plate Files for the partial shipment that you receive can be downloaded per the instructions above. Please note, however, that the .zip filename may contain the word INCOMPLETE (e.g., The INCOMPLETE in the filename denotes that additional Plate Files will become available once your order has completed production. After you take delivery of your subsequent shipments of OpenArray® Plates, visit this site again to download the additional Plate Files that you require to run the Plates on your OpenArray® System. In some cases, plate files for partial orders are not immediately available through the download tool. If you are unable to retrieve your plate files, please contact for assistance.

The word INCOMPLETE in the .zip filename denotes that you may have only received a partial shipment. Download the Plate Files for the OpenArray® Plates that you received, but visit this site again once you have received additional OpenArray® Plates, to download any additional Plate Files required. (See: What happens if I only receive a partial shipment of my OpenArray® plate order?)