Arcturus® AutoScanXT LCM Software
  • Designed to mimic the user’s workflow from top to bottom in five easy steps
  • All tools to perform a basic microdissection are at the top level—no fussing with right-clicking or hidden menus
  • One-click image documentation
  • Quality control—visualize and document exactly what has been collected on the LCM cap
  • Windows® 7 compatible

Download ArcturusXT Software v3.4 (software and driver) (.zip)
Download ArcturusXT Software v3.4 (software only) (.zip)
Release notes (.pdf)

Streamlined intuitive interface

The ArcturusXT™ LCM system is equipped with a user interface that is streamlined and intuitive to use:

ArcturusXT™ LCM system

Easy workflow to simplify microdissection

1 Load sample

Place your sample in the instrument platform.

2 Inspect sample

Visualize your sample on the monitor.

3 Select cells

Trace the outline of the targeted portion from the sample to dissect.

4 Microdissect

The UV or IR laser dissects the selected target.

Arcturus® AutoScanXT™ Software

Arcturus® AutoScanXT™ Software is an optional image analysis program available as an add-on to the ArcturusXT™ LCM system operating software. This add-on identifies areas for microdissection based on user-defined criteria. Simple to use, this software automates identification of cells, greatly reducing the overall time required to perform a microdissection experiment. The AutoScanXT™ Image Analysis Software Module performs optimally on high-contrast samples and may be used with colorimetric, fluorescence, and IHC-stained specimens.