Table 18.1 Reactive oxygen species.

Reactive Oxygen Species Structure Detection Reagents
Hydrogen peroxide H2O2
Hydroxyl radical * HO•
Hypochlorous acid HOCl
Nitric oxide NO
Peroxyl radical, including both alkylperoxyl and hydroperoxyl ref radicals (wherein R = H) ROO•
Peroxynitrite anion † ONOO
Singlet oxygen ‡ 1O2
  • Singlet Oxygen Sensor Green reagent (S36002)
  • trans-1-(2'-methoxyvinyl)pyrene (M7913) ref
Superoxide anion •O2
* Hydroxyl radicals can also be photosensitized by malachite green isothiocyanate (M689) or generated by a N-(1,10-phenanthrolin-5-yl)iodoacetamide (P6879) metal–ligand complex. † 3-Nitrotyrosine, a product of this potent nitrating reagent, can be detected with an anti-nitrotyrosine antibody (A21285). ‡ Singlet oxygen can also be photosensitized by hypericin (H7476), rose bengal diacetate (R14000) and merocyanine 540 (M24571).