Quantitate Library Input for Use on the SOLiD® System

The SOLiD® Library TaqMan® Quantitation Kit facilitates the quantitation of amplifiable template in a SOLiD® library for use in emulsion PCR (ePCR) on the SOLiD® System. Complete with TaqMan® qPCR mix custom-designed for SOLiD® library adaptors and an adapted SOLiD® library control*, the kit is a highly specific solution for determining the optimal amount of starting material needed to most effectively carry out ePCR. 

* The SOLiD® library control included in the kit is recommended for use only as a qPCR control, and not as a sequence control.

Compatible With a Wide Range of Applications

The SOLiD® Library TaqMan® Quantitation Kit is designed to quantitate libraries accurately regardless of size and can be used on any real-time instrument, using either fast or standard cycling programs. The kit has been validated for the quantitation of SOLiD® fragment libraries, SOLiD® short and long mate-paired libraries, SOLiD® whole transcriptome libraries, SOLiD® small RNA libraries,  SOLiD® Chip-seq libraries, and SOLiD® SAGE™ libraries.

Flexibility to Reach Your Sequencing Goals

  • The TaqMan® Assay provides more specificity and accuracy in detecting properly adapted, amplifiable templates over non–probe-based quantitation methods.
  • The validated, ready-to-use qPCR standard requires only a simple serial dilution for use in qPCR. It can also be used to determine the optimal concentration of template to use in ePCR.
  • The highly robust qPCR mix can accommodate a wide range of cycling conditions and reaction volumes, and combines highly sensitive detection with a broad quantitation range (Figure 1).
  • qPCR-based methods use less material for quantitation.
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Quantitation of six SOLiD® libraries using the SOLiD® Library TaqMan® Quantitation Kit

The multicolored amplification curves represent six SOLiD® Libraries quantitated by the SOLiD® Library TaqMan® Quantitation Kit (Cat. No. 4449639) on the Applied Biosystems® StepOnePlus™ Real-Time PCR System with fast cycling. Using a 5-point serial dilution from 100 pM to 10 fM of the SOLiD® Library qPCR Standard, the SOLiD® library input can accurately be measured. The gray line represents a no-template control.