To best maximize sequencing reagents, it is often necessary to enrich the sample for specific regions or targets of interest. This enrichment helps eliminate nonspecific artifacts, making it possible to better analyze smaller genomic or transcriptomic changes, and less abundant sequences. Invitrogen™ enrichment products supply a broad array of innovative solutions for your applications.

RNA enrichment

RiboMinus™ RNA-Seq kits

These kits provide whole transcriptome enrichment through selective depletion of up to 99.9% of ribosomal RNA.

DNA enrichment

SequalPrep™ System

This long PCR enrichment and amplicon normalization system provides a highly efficient enrichment solution to meet resequencing throughput capabilities.

TargetSeq™ Enrichment Kits

An in-solution hybridization method for exome capture, optimally designed to seamlessly integrate in the 5500 Series Genetic Analysis Systems workflow.

Epigenome enrichment

MethylMiner™ Methylated DNA Enrichment Kit

This premium kit provides superior enrichment and differential fractionation of methylated double-stranded DNA based on CpG methylation density.

Cells-to-CpG™ Bisulfite Conversion Kit

This easy-to-use kit quantifies methylated DNA via fast and easy enrichment of methylated cytosines, starting directly from cells, tissue, blood, FFPE samples, or purified DNA.

MAGnify™ Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) System

This reproducible solution quickly enriches DNA sequences bound to protein (ChIP), with the ability to start with lower cell numbers to preserve precious samples.