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Next-generation sequencing projects require the best tools with the best support. And not all projects are the same, which is why we offer a broad portfolio of solutions and seamless workflows to deliver the high-quality sequencing data you expect. Experience industry-leading accuracy and pay-per-lane sequencing using the 5500 Series Genetic Analysis Systems. Choose best-in-class consumables optimally formulated for your platform and application. Complete your sequencing experiment with scalable, biologist-friendly data analysis using LifeScope™ Genomic Analysis Solutions. The webinars below are designed to introduce you to our products and the applications that they enable.

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October 27, 2011 5500 Series Genetic Analyzers: Wildfire Technology Roadmap

Learn Wildfire technology and the promise it holds for simplifying the workflow and improving the throughput of the 5500 Series Genetic Analyzers.

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2011 LifeScope™ Software Training Series

Three sessions focused on LifeScope™ Software. Topics include:

  • NGS-227-1 XSQ File Format and XSQ Tools (25 minutes)
  • NGS-227-2 Intro to LifeScope™ Software, Optimal Analysis for 5500 Series SOLiD™ Data
  • NGS-227-3 BioScope™ to LifeScope™ Software Transition Training
2011 5500 SOLiD™ System Training Series

NGS-226 -1 XSQ File Format and XSQ Tools (25 minutes)

2010 SOLiD™ Success Stories in Cancer Research

The advent of ultrahigh-throughput sequencing has introduced new and boosted the capabilities of older methodologies. This training will demonstrate how the SOLiD™ System has been applied to cancer research by focusing on published cancer research using on the SOLiD™ System. The session will cover resequencing, targeted and whole genome sequencing transcriptome and miRNA analysis.

2010 SOLiD™ de novo Training Series

Two sessions focused on de novo assembly of small genomes using the SOLiD™ System. Topics include:

  • NGS-223-1 Assembly of small genomes featuring SOLiD™ De Novo accessory tools (40 minutes)
  • NGS-223-2 SOLiD™ De Novo Assembly of Small Genomes: Case Studies of Listeria and Salmonella (35 minutes)
2010 SOLiD™ Epigenomics Training Series

Five sessions focused on SOLiD™ epigenomics. Topics include:

  • NGS-222-1 SOLiD™ ChIP-Seq Application: the Safest Way to Find Out What’s Touching Your DNA (24 minutes)
  • NGS-222-2 DNA Methylation Analysis on the SOLiD™ System: Read the Code Behind the Sequence (38 minutes)
  • NGS-222-3 SOLiD™ Epigenomics Data Analysis Featuring CLC bio (20 minutes)
  • NGS-222-4 SOLiD™ Epigenomics Data Analysis Featuring Partek (20 minutes)
  • NGS-222-5 DNA Methylation Data Analysis on the SOLiD™ System (41 minutes)
2010 SOLiD™ Targeted ReSeq Training Series

Four sessions focused on the Targeted ReSeq application, covering the end-to-end workflow, from how to design a Targeted ReSeq experiment to performing data analysis. Topics include:

  • NGS-221-1 TargetSeq™ on the 5500 Series Genetic Analyzer and SOLiD™ 4 (42 minutes)
  • NGS-221-2 SOLiD™ Targeted ReSeq Data Analysis Featuring CLC bio (20 minutes)
  • NGS-221-3 SOLiD™ Targeted ReSeq Data Analysis Featuring SoftGenetics (20 minutes)
  • NGS-221-4 SOLiD™ Targeted ReSeq Data Analysis Featuring Geospiza (20 minutes)
2010 SOLiD™ RNA-Seq Training Series

"Nine sessions focused on the RNA-seq application, covering the end-to-end workflow from how to design an RNA-seq experiment up to how to perform data analysis. You will learn: what are the important questions you need to ask before defining which type of study to perform; tips & tricks to be successful during library prep; the power of barcoding; and how to perform data analysis using Life Technologies and third Party tools. Topics include:

  • NGS-220-1 So You Want to Do RNA Sequencing Using the SOLiD™ System; Now What? (29 minutes)
  • NGS-220-2 Step-by-Step Ooverview of the STaR Kit Protocol (39 minutes)
  • NGS-220-3 Unlocking the Potential of RNA-Seq With External RNA Controls (46 minutes)
  • NGS-220-4 SOLiD™ RNA-Seq Data Analysis Featuring BioScope™ Software (30 minutes)
  • NGS-220-5 SOLiD™ RNA-Seq Data Analysis Featuring CLC bio (20 minutes)
  • NGS-220-6 Data analysis featuring Partek (20 minutes)
  • NGS-220-7 SOLiD™ RNA-Seq Data Analysis Featuring Geospiza (20 minutes)
  • NGS-220-8 SOLiD™ RNA-Seq Data Analysis Featuring SoftGenetics
  • NGS-220-9 SOLiD™ RNA-Seq Data Analysis Featuring TopHat and Cufflinks (20 minutes)
  • NGS-220-10 Barcoding SOLiD RNA Libraries 101 (44 minutes)

Developing Personalized Tumor Biomarkers

Dr Rebecca J Leary from the Ludwig Center for Cancer Genetics and Therapeutics at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center

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2010 Whole Cancer Genome Sequencing: Progress Toward Common Application

Dr Stanley F Nelson from the Department of Human Genetics at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

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  Genomics-Guided Therapeutic Options for Oncology: Is it Feasible?

Dr John Carpten from the Division of Integrated Cancer Genomics at TGen

  Breakthroughs in Mendelian Disease Research

Dr Alex Hoischen from Nijmegen


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