SOLiD® next-generation sequencing helps move your research closer to the discovery of biologically relevant outcomes by enabling excellent accuracy, flexibility, and ease of use. The 5500 W Series Genetic Analyzers enable direct amplification of libraries on the FlowChip for a simplified workflow, to help reduce cost per sample, and time to results. Use the tabs below to find the kits, reagents, and accessories to support your next-generation sequencing applications.  

Step-by-step guide to kits and reagents for SOLiD® next-generation sequencing


PureLink™ Genomic DNA Mini Kit 
Recommended for next generation sequencing applications requiring extraction and purification of genomic DNA samples.  Yields high-quality DNA in a single column.


PureLink™ RNA Mini Kit 
Recommended RNA purification kit for next generation sequencing applications.  Achieve high quality RNA from a wide arrange of cell and tissue types. 


SequalPrep™ System
Robust target enrichment by long PCR (5-20kb) for enhanced sequencing of targeted regions, followed by one-step amplicon purification and input equalization in a convenient plate for accurate target representation.

Cot-1DNA® Blocking Reagent
Increase hybridization sensitivity on array-based exon capture platforms by blocking repetitive sequences.


RiboMinus™ RNA-Seq Kits
Enrichment of the true whole transcriptome through selective depletion of 99.9% of ribosomal RNA.


Magnify™ Chromatin Immunoprecipitation System
Faster and more reproducible solution for Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) with the ability to start with lower cell numbers to preserve precious samples.

MethylMiner™ Methylated DNA Conversion Kit
Enrichment & differential fractionation of dsDNA by CpG methylation density.  Increased sensitivity over antibody methods.

Cells-to-CpG™ Bisulfite Conversion Kit
Fast & easy conversion of unmethylated cytosines into uracils while methylated cytosines remain unchanged, starting directly from cells, tissue, blood, FFPE, or purified DNA.

DNA Libraries

SOLiD® Fragment Library Construction
Fully optimized complete set of reagents, columns, and size selection gels to generate fragment libraries for use on SOLiD® System.

SOLiD® Mate-Paired Library Construction
Fully optimized, validated, complete set of reagents to construct mate-paired libraries for use on SOLiD® System.

SOLiD® ChIP-Seq Kits
Complete & optimized system for genome wide Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) analysis on SOLiD®.  (additional purchase of Magnify™ ChIP System not required)

E-Gel™ SizeSelect™ Gels
Rapid size separation and recovery system for library construction.

RNA Libraries

SOLiD® Total RNA-Seq Kit
Fully optimized, validated kit to construct strand-specific libraries for small RNA and whole transcriptome interrogation on SOLiD® System.

Fully optimized reagents for tag-based quantification of transcription expression profiles on SOLiD® System.

SOLiD® Library TaqMan® Quantitiation Kit
Enables measurement of amplifiable template in a SOLiD® library for optimal input in emulsion PCR (ePCR).

Ambion® ERCC Spike-In Mixes
Measure sensitivity and quantitate differential gene expression between RNA experiments, including those run on an Next Generation Sequencing instrument.

DNA Libraries

SOLiD® Fragment Library Barcoding Kits
Unique barcode sequences for SOLiD® fragment libraries to sequence multiple samples on one slide.  Increase throughput and efficiency while cutting cost.

RNA Libraries

SOLiD® RNA Barcoding Kits
Unique barcode sequences for small RNA and whole transcriptome libraries generated with SOLiD® Total RNA-Seq Kit or SOLiD® SAGE™ libraries  to sequence multiple samples on one slide.  Increase throughput and efficiency while cutting cost.