Preparing a sample for a Next Generation Sequencing experiment takes some planning to create the most optimal library to be sequenced. As there are various steps involved in the sample preparation process, it is important to know which tools will be needed from sample isolation and enrichment to library construction and quantitiation.

Each sample prep kit is specifically designed to best meet the needs of the application workflow for your Next Generation Sequencing platform.

Step-by-Step Guide to Sample Prep Sequencing Reagents Products by Workflow

Use PureLink™ membrane-based kits to flexibly obtain high yields of pure DNA or RNA with ease.

Use enrichment products to maximize sequencing resources by concentrating only on regions of interest.

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Kits optimally designed to construct libraries most representative of the original sample for genomic and transcriptomic applications on your sequencing platform.

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Maximize sequencing runs by pooling barcoded libraries containing unique tags for multiplexed sequencing.

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Accurately measure the necessary input amounts for sequencing and normalize data with standard controls.