Genomics-Guided Therapeutic
Options for Oncology:
Is it Feasible?

John D. Carpten
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Breakthroughs in Mendelian
Disease Research
Alexander Hoischen
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Ludwig Center for Cancer
Genetics and Therapeutics
Rebecca J. Leary

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David Geffen School of
Medicine at UCLA

Stanley F. Nelson

Ion Torrent: Semiconductor Sequencing for Life™
Dr. Jonathan Rothberg
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mRNA-Seq Analysis of a
Single Cell
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Fundamentals of 2 Base
Encoding and Color Space

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5500 Series Genetic AnalyzersSOLiD® Instrument Control
Software Video
SOLiD® EZ Bead™ System
Answers are in the Sequence.  
Alain Nicolas
CNRS Research Scientist
Institut Curie, Paris
William G. Farmerie
Associate Director
Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research,
University of Florida
Greg Foltz & Anup Madan
Co-directors of the Center
for Advanced Brain Tumor
Treatment at the Seattle
Neuroscience Institute
Jesse Gray
Postdoctoral Fellow
Children's Hospital Boston
and Harvard Medical School
Yijun Ruan
Senior Group Leader and Associate Director of the
Genomic Technologies at the
Genome Institute of Singapore
 Donna Muzny
Director of Operations
Human Genome Sequencing
Center, Baylor College of Medicine

DNA Anniversary


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