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When measuring free light chains, choose Freelite assays by Binding Site
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Simplified workflow for special protein testing
Introducing iStopMM
148,704 individuals were invited to be screened, with the aim of preventing Multiple Myeloma before it develops

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Clinical Applications
Optilite system brochure

Discover how Optilite, Binding Site's proven and dedicated protein analyser, can simplify workflows with consistently high-quality results with predictable, short turnaround times.
Freelite and Hevylite Brochure

Learn how to Improve your accuracy in detecting monoclonal gammopathies with the optimal combination of Freelite and Hevylite Assays by Binding Site.
Choose Freelite Brochure

Discover why you should choose Freelite assays by Binding Site to measure free light chains for diagnosis and monitoring of Multiple Myeloma and AL Amyloidosis.
Optilite assay menu

Optilite's unique, comprehensive assay menu is optimized and proven for special protein analysis.
Hevylite IgA Brochure

Achieve greater clarity when monitoring IgA monoclonal proteins and overcome the laboratory challenges of electrophoresis with Binding Site's Hevylite assays.
Optilite IgG Subclass Brochure

Learn how Optilite IgG subclass assays enable clinicians to diagnose antibody deficiency and other subclass-related disorders with unparalleled quality and performance.
Freelite Overview

Watch this video to learn all you need to know about Freelite assays, Binding Site's sensitive and specific polyclonal immunodiagnostic tests to accurately measure κ and λ free light chains in serum.
Hevylite Overview

Learn all you need to know about Binding Site's Hevylite assay, a unique test for heavy/light chain isotype analysis.
Vacczyme Typhi Vi Flyer

FInd out more about VaccZyme TM Salmonella typhi Vi IgG ELISA: a test for polysaccharide response
Optilite Overview Video

Learn all you need to know about Optilite, Binding Site's advanced benchtop analyser fully optimised for simplified, high-quality Special Protein Analysis.
Optilite Promo Video

Discover Binding Site's Optilite®, the latest innovation in special protein testing, fully optimised to give fast and consistently reliable results.
Introducing the iStopMM Trial

Learn more about Iceland Screens, Treats, or Prevents Multiple Myeloma (iStopMM), the first population based screening study for MGUS, with the aim of preventing myeloma before it develops.
Optilite technical specification

Delve into Binding Site Optilite's technical specifications, including dimensions & weight, software, operating principle, regulatory compliance, and maintenance.
Complement on Optilite Brochure

Learn how Binding Site's Optilite can provide an extensive portfolio of assays for accurate diagnosis and monitoring of complement deficiencies and dysregulation.
Optilite UK Customer Testimonial - Michael Wallage

Michael Wallage is a Senior Biomedical Scientist with over 30 years of experience in clinical diagnostics and lots of experience running various analysers. Read what Michael had to say about his evaluation of Optilite and his plans to replace their current special protein system.
Evaluation of Optilite at UZ Brussells

As part of the Binding Site’s Optilite Seed Site Project Universitair Ziekenhuis, Brussels completed an evaluation of the Binding Site’s special protein system, Optilite compared to the current system.
Optilite UK Peterborough Testimonial

Challenged with an ever increasing Freelite® assays workload, Faye Sims, a Senior Biomedical Scientist, explains why they turned their focus to the Optilite solution for their laboratory.
Optilite Antigen Excess Flyer

Learn how Binding Site Optilite's world-class antigen excess protection can increase your confidence in delivering accurate results.
Optilite UK Customer Testimonial – Steve Walker

Steve Walker is an Advanced Specialist Biomedical Scientist with nearly 30 years experience in clinical diagnostics. Read about what he looks for in a special protein solution and how Optilite meets all his needs.
Hennepin Healthcare Abstract

Improvement in Workflow and Efficiency for Measurement of Special Proteins Using the Optilite Standalone Automated Analyzer