Intelligent data management with TBS DataManager

TBS DataManager is a data management software designed to support your laboratory’s specialist protein testing. The software is used in conjunction with the Optilite®  Analyser to enhance your laboratory’s efficiency and workflow. This will assist you in obtaining consistent and reliable results for your patients. 

Optimized workflows

for real-time analysis ensuring confidence, consistency, and accuracy of reported test results

Comprehensive QC Package

For consistent and reliable results



TBS DataManager has been optimized to run in conjunction with Binding Site instruments and integrates seamlessly with your current set up, allowing you to run our entire specialist test catalogue on one dedicated platform, with confidence.

Quality control management

Product Specifications
View a snapshot of all daily QCs in the profile screen
Color-coded alerts of abnormal QC results and flags where user intervention is required
Levey Jennings charts for each QC level
Full Westgard rules capability
Moving averages
All QC result details provided (user who validated QC, regent lot number etc.)

Operational efficiency 

Product Specifications
Reduces analyzer hands on time
Simplifies workload and increases laboratory productivity through automated workflows
Enables cross-functional collaboration and provides a holistic view due to centralized data processes
Ensures consistent performance by providing a common framework to share, compare, search, query, and use data
Uniform view of all patient data and test results. Allowing for quick follow-up and continuous monitoring aiding in timely patient care

Validation and regulatory compliance

Product Specifications
Offers complete traceability of user actions, results and QC
Assay Validation Module dedicated to supporting validation procedures 
User access is controlled by role-based security log in and automated log out
Maintenance diary
Supports laboratory compliance to ISO 15189
Discover the Optilite® Analyser
Discover the Optilite® Analyser

Learn more about the Optilite® Analyser - a robust benchtop analyzer optimized for special protein testing.
LabLink xL™
LabLink xL™

The dedicated peer QC solution for Binding Site controls run on the Optilite® System. Providing a more real time review for controls, allowing the laboratory to monitor their mean values for precision and accuracy within a peer-group using the same system and the same lot of the same assay kit.
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