When failure is not an option

Verify that your products can withstand electrostatic discharge (ESD) events and other threats with comprehensive simulators and test systems that ensure your semiconductors, integrated circuits, and other electronic products are in compliance with national, international, and industry ESD and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test standards.

Popular compliance testing products
Featured compliance testing and related products

Protect critical aircraft systems with a modular lightning test system for compliance with RTCA DO-160, EUROCAE, and other avionics standards.

Measure your electrical equipment for pulsed electromagnetic interference hazards with a powerful design and production tool for EMC testing.

Ensure your electronic components meet global regulatory standards with an electromagnetic compatibility test system configured for fully compliant EMC immunity testing.

Get semiconductor components to market faster with an ESD tester designed to help identify and correct issues related to charged device model events.

Demonstrate regulatory compliance and prevent damage to sensitive electronic products caused by ESDs with an electrostatic discharge test for manufacturing or field service.

Enhance the functionality of your ESD/latch-up test system with test fixture boards guaranteed to meet waveform specs when used on a calibrated Thermo Scientific™ test system.

Prevent damage from electrostatic discharge and waveform hazards with rapid, high-yield ESD and latch-up testing and failure analysis on low pin–count devices.

Achieve rapid, high-throughput testing of complex integrated circuit devices with a relay-based, exceptionally fast ESD and latch-up test system.

Be sure your test operations meet evolving regulatory and quality standards with a high-yield test system for multifunction high pin–count devices.

Get semiconductor components to market faster with a 2-pin ESD tester designed to help identify and correct issues related to HMM and HBM events.

Know how your devices will perform under ESD stress with a transmission line pulse (TLP) test system that provides fast, accurate characterization of advanced semiconductors.

We offer X-ray sources featuring small spot size, high magnification, and stable, high-intensity output to provide superior quality 2D and 3D images that meet a variety of inspection challenges.




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