Thermo Scientific™

Pegasus 2-pin ESD Test System

The Thermo Scientific™ Pegasus™ ESD Test System is a low parasitic 2-pin tester which is used to characterize protection structures at wafer, die, or package level. The Pegasus can also be used as part of your device qualification routine, providing supplemental data to the results gathered when using an automated (relay based) high pin count ESD test system.  Testing is available to the latest industry standards for Human Body Model (HBM), Machine Model (MM) waveforms, as well as offering a true System Level (150pF/330#8486;) IEC like waveform based on the EOS/ESD Association’s Human Metal model (HMM). The system’s pulse source design and pulse source delivery method ensures waveform fidelity directly at the device under test, not only at the generator output. Current waveforms can be automatically captured and analyzed for each ESD event.  In addition, Voltage waveforms can be captured and used to determine the turn-on level of protection structures. They can also be used as a means of failure determination, as the voltage waveforms will generally show changes after ESD events.
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  • Fully compliant, Human Body Model (HBM) and Machine Model (MM) testing per the latest industry standards
  • True system level ESD 150pF/330Ω network (not a 50Ω emulator) available to meet the proposed Human Metal Model (HMM) requirements
  • 2 pin connection via wafer probes to any device in a package, die, or wafer
  • Pre- and post-curve trace measurements for comparative failure analysis
  • Oscilloscope interface (GPIB, USB or TCP/IP) with automatic internal attenuation
  • Storage of all waveforms with automatic analysis using the latest industry standards
  • Automatic Voltage waveform capture
  • Pods (ESD waveform generators) can easily be installed on a prober station
  • Easily fits on a bench top, or alternatively the Main controller can be installed in a 19" test rack
  • Wafer prober interface
  • Bias supply controls for pre- and post-Idd measurements