21 Oct 2019

Length Distribution Analysis

This tutorial demonstrated how to quantify thickness distribution along the length

Length Distribution Analysis Image

This tutorial showed steps how to obtain length distribution of the material.

How to Build a workflow

  • Load Label.am (8-bit label) and make sure to Clear History Log (right click on the dataset) before proceeding further
  • Convert Image Type to 16-bit label image
  • Apply Arithmetic with the Expression: A*i to extract all X values (i, j, k = x, y, z)
  • Run Label Analysis: Create New Custom Measure
    • Select BoundingBox Dx, Dy, DZ
    • Interpretation: XY planes
  • The results from Label Analysis showing lengths in Y-axis (BoundingBox Dy) along X-axis
  • Use Label to Attribute to display Length Distribution

    How to Create & Run Recipe

    • When finished the workflows, right click on the last result and choose "Create Recipe", this will re-direct to the RECIPES Workroom
    • Save the Recipe
    • Back to Project Workroom
    • Load a new the dataset
    • Right click anywhere on the background and select "Recipe Player"
    • Load the previous saved Recipe into the Recipe Player
    • Connect the dataset to the Recipe Player Input port
    • Run the Recipe by click "Apply" (obtain only the final result) or click "Export" instead to get all the steps in the workflows

    Sample dataset, complete project file, step-by-step tutorial and recipes are available for download.